Iran plans to produce 290 kinds of medicine

Iran plans to produce 290 kinds of medicine

According to the Iranian Deputy Minister of Health for Research, Mustafa Ganei, in order to mitigate the impact of Western sanctions, the country is ready to start its own production of 290 medicines.

The country annually imported medicinal components worth $600 million. 70 Iranian pharmaceutical companies produce medicines from them, and then they are distributed to pharmacies, Ganei said.

"Today in Iran we can produce 50 kinds of medicinal components and in the next two months we will begin to issue components for another 40 kinds of medicines," the Iranian news agency İRNA quoted Ganei.

According to him, most of the medicines that are available today and will be released in the future are medicines used in oncology.

Sanctions against Iran imposed by the U.S. and European Union have created problems for imports into the country of certain medications. As Iranian media recently reported, in Iran it is difficult to acquire about 90 kinds of medicines required for the treatment of infectious diseases, cancer, diabetes and other serious illnesses.