Hail damages 5000 acres of crops in Adygea

Hail damages 5000 acres of crops in Adygea

Heavy rain and hail on Sunday night, caused severe damage to farmers in Adygea. The city of Maikop and the Maikop district were hit hardest, the head of the department of agriculture of the Maikop district, Victor Morozov, says.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture of Adygea, 4.4 thousand hectares of crops have been damaged in the Maikop district, more than 500 acres in the Giaginskiy area and about 620 acres in the Koshekhablsky area of Adygea.

"According to the preliminary data, the damage amounts to 111.6 million rubles. Over the next two days I'll go around the crops to assess the scale of the consequences," RIA Novosti quotes Morozov.

The official explained that repeat sowing will not work, as given the continuing rains it is impossible to meet the deadline. The fields generally were not insured.

Precipitation and the probability of hail in the country will remain high for the next three days.