Switzerland to renew Turkish-Armenian mediation

Swiss President Micheline Calmy-Rey proposed a renewal of mediation in Armenian-Turkish rapprochement, News.am reports.

The president met Turkish ambassadors at the annual conference and reminded that, unlike France, Switzerland has no special law on genocide. Calmy-Rey confirmed Swiss policy on the Armenian tragedy, Rafael Sabori, an official from the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, said. The Federal Council believes that historians are the ones to clarify the issue.

The Swiss president noted that the Swiss National Council declined related requests last week. There were demands to recognize the genocide, including acts against Assyrians, Chaldeans, Syrians, Armenians, Greeks in 1915.

Switzerland demanded the UN and Turkey to do the same. The National Council recognized the Armenian Genocide of 1915, despite the Federal Council’s opinion.

Calmy-Rey met Turkish President Abdullah Gul, Foreign Minister Ahmed Davutoglu. They exchanged views on two protocols signed in Zurich on normalization of Turkish and Armenian relations in 2009.