Bashar Assad receives new Constitution project

13 February 2012 - 2:56pm

The National Committee for Development of the Constitution project of Syria has handed President Bashar Assad a project of the Constitution, Xinhua reports.

Assad will then hand it to the People’s Assembly, followed by a referendum. The committee concluded work on the project on February 7.

The new Constitution project states presidential terms of 7 years with one re-election. Bashar Assad’s presidency will end in 2014.

The National Committee for Development of the Constitution project was organized on October 15, according to Assad’s order 33. It consists of 29 members. It was to develop a new Constitution project in 4 months. The committee was chaired by justice minister.

Syria has had mass anti-governmental protests since mid-March 2011. Development of the Constitution is a measure to end the disorders.


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