Turkey, Ukraine and Russia building military alliance

Turkey, Russia and Ukraine are establishing an alliance of the Black
Sea defense agreement, ‘Nasha Versiya’ reports. The head of the
Turkish Armed Forces HQ, Army General Ilker Bashbug, will visit Moscow
in July to agree on the points of the agreement. The signing of the
trilateral agreement is planned for August.

The Black Sea military block was ripening in 2003, but with Victor
Yushchenko in power in Ukraine, known for his anti-Russian position,
the plans were halted. Despite the position of Ukraine, Turkey was
still devoted to building the block.

When Victor Yanukovich became the new Ukrainian president, the plans
were renewed. The sides do not anticipate a negative attitude from
NATO, since the Russian and Ukrainian fleets have held joint training
with NATO forces in the past.

The military alliance with Turkey will allow Russia to operate more
actively in the Mediterranean. It will also force Romania and Bulgaria
to postpone their ambitions concerning the Black Sea.

Experts do not find anything significant in the Black Sea alliance,
the negotiations on the alliance do not conflict with NATO strategy
and the traditional format of joint training of the three fleets, with
Turkey taking the leading role, as a member of the Black Sea Economic
Cooperation organisation. Ankara has tensions with the USA and Israel,
so it may be exaggerating the importance of the event to blackmail its
partners with the change in its geopolicy in the region, Rosbalt