Kabardino-Balkarian government dissolved

Kabardino-Balkarian government dissolved

Kabardino-Balkarian Leader Arsen Kanokov has dissolved the regional government, possibly provoked by suspicions of the Investigative Directorate in late October that Kabardino-Balkarian Prime Minister Ivan Gerter had been suspected of illegal apartment purchase.

Kanokov said that rotation of the Cabinet was a normal occurrence. The republic needs a breakthrough in socio-economic development. Dynamic development of Kabardino-Balkaria requires adaption of ministers to realities. The new Cabinet will show better cooperation with public organizations and citizens.

The dissolved government was formed in April 2011.

Prime Minister Gerter is suspected of illegal registry as a person in need of accommodation as head of the Prokhladnensky District of Kabardino-Balkaria in 2009 He received a four-room apartment used for service and privatized.