Polish Agency for Regional Development looking for partners in Azerbaijan

30 November 2012 - 5:47pm

The Regional Development Agency of the Lesser Poland Voivodeship is looking for partners in Azerbaijan to implement joint projects, expert Jacek Adamczyk told Azerbaijani journalists in Krakow on Friday.

"As a regional organization, we would like to implement projects in the regions of Azerbaijan. The Polish Foreign Ministry has included Azerbaijan on the list of priority countries to promote economic cooperation and is willing to provide financial support for projects in your country," Adamczyk said.

A rural entrepreneurship development project was cited as an example.

"It is one of the examples of possible cooperation, because we have had difficulties in the development of infrastructure in rural areas, and we were able to solve them. Therefore, we want to offer our experience in solving similar problems in Azerbaijan," Adamczyk said.

He noted that the agency wants to attract Azerbaijani partners for the implementation of its own initiatives, with whom it will be possible to develop certain projects.

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