Iran considers unequal closing Fordou in return for permission to buy precious metals

18 February 2013 - 6:28pm


 Iran does not consider adequate the possible proposal of

international mediators to mitigate sanctions banning the Islamic

Republic of trading in gold and other precious metals in exchange for

steps to curtail its nuclear program, reports the Reuters news agency

on Monday referring to the Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin



Recall that last week, Western diplomatic sources said the proposal

will be made at the upcoming February 26 meeting between Iran and the

"six" in Alma-Ata. In response,  Tehran is expected to close the

Fordou plant for  uranium enrichment.


"They want to take away people's right (to nuclear activities) in

exchange for permission to trade in gold. We are ready to negotiate,

to negotiate with the logical approach, which formally recognizes all

of our rights in full. Proposals must be mutually consistent and

adequate"  Iran News cites Mehmanparast.


Unilateral U.S. sanctions against Iran have led to significant

problems of supply of Iranian gas to Turkey, that was previously

gold.paid for by gold.


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