Ingushetia to respond for border reconsideration with Chechnya


According to decisions made in Grozny, the Sunzhensky District will be taken under full control of Chechnya, despite the fact that the majority of its area is populated by Ingush natives (villages of Voznesenakaya, Ordzhonikidzevskaya, Nesterovskaya, Troitskaya and Karabulak). Chechnya controlled only Sernovodskoye and Assinovskaya villages. Chechen Leader Ramzan Kadyrov has signed the document for control over the territory.

Ingush Speaker of Parliament Mukharbek Didigov said that Chechen MPs had made visits to Ingushetia to discuss the territorial issue. The Chechen parliament had passed amendments to the law on municipalities of the Sunzhensky District in early November 2012. It had been published on January 30, 2013, he said.

Didigov considers it a pointless decision and an attempt of political and psychological pressure.

According to the Russian law and the Constitution, changes of territorial borders cannot be made by regional authorities. Only the federal center has such functions.



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