Georgia and Uzbekistan discuss cooperation

10 July 2013 - 9:50am


Georgia and Uzbekistan discussed bilateral cooperation, international and regional affairs in Tbilisi yesterday, Trend reports.

The two states established diplomatic relations in 1994. Georgia opened an Embassy in Tashkent in 1997. The two states have about 80 bilateral agreements. Over 3,000 Georgians live in Uzbekistan. The Megobroba Cultural Center opened in Tashkent in 1994.


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Sep 30 2014 - 14:09
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Georgian Prime Minister Irakly Garibashvili said that Georgia will not send soldiers to fight ISIS and will only assist the coalition with humanitarian help, News Georgia reports.He denied information about formation of a training center for Syrian militants. Georgian Foreign Minister Maya Panjikidze had denied the same rumours earlier.
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The United States has urged pro-democracy and pro-NATO voices in Georgia to "focus on their common interests" in light of the government's clampdown on opposition figures.