Ilham Aliyev summarizes a decade of work

Ilham Aliyev summarizes a decade of work

Yesterday the Heydar Aliyev Center hosted a conference on the implementation of the second state program of socio - economic development of the regions of Azerbaijan, the central event of which was the speech of President Ilham Aliyev. As the MPs, political scientists Aydin Mirzazade and Asim Mollazade said in an interview with VK the President's speech should be considered historical , as Ilham Aliyev, in fact, summed up a decade of his rule.


" And the results of these very impressive . Economy grew several times , thanks to a well thought-out investment policy and the use of mineral resources. Unlike many countries , Azerbaijan has managed to build a well-conceived oil policy when oil revenues were enjoyed by the entire society , and most importantly , profits were aimed at strengthening the country's entire economy and the development of non-oil sector. Moreover, it is not only Baku that develops today, but all regions of the country . Over the past ten years, the president attended the opening of 1,200 enterprises across the country with hundreds of thousands of new jobs,  " Aydin Mirzazade said , adding that over the years the country Azerbaijan from the country that takes loans has become a country that gives them .


Mollazade agreed that for 10 years Azerbaijan experienced an economic breakthrough. " While much of the success of Azerbaijan connected with energy projects in the field of oil and gas, the republic very seriously developed infrastructure that will further promote the diversification of Azerbaijan's economy, development of the industry , the economy and, of course, agriculture , a traditional specialization of Azerbaijan " , said the analyst .


One of the most important points in both speech, according to the experts, was Ilham Aliyev's call to fight corruption. " Any economy may stall if the control system fails due to corruption or bribery", said Mirzazade.


" Increase the accountability of officials of the executive branch as a whole, the fight against corruption are important tasks for the entire country. We also hope that the accelerated reform of the education and health will largely contribute to improving the general social atmosphere in the country, " said Mollazade .