Stoltenberg: NATO can prove Russia's military presence in Ukraine

Stoltenberg: NATO can prove Russia's military presence in Ukraine

NATO has evidence that Russia is helping the militia and self-proclaimed DPR and LPR, including with a military presence, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said.


"We believe that Russia provides significant, very significant support to the separatists, who cannot move forward without Russia’s significant support. This is a violation of the fundamental principles of international law. Russia should respect Ukraine's borders and its territorial integrity. However, it violates international law by annexing Crimea and supporting militants," Kommersant cited him as saying.


"Our intelligence means provide documentary data of Russia’s military presence in eastern Ukraine. We see such information in the reports of independent sources and journalists. Moreover, NGOs provide information about Russian soldiers who have died in Ukraine," Stoltenberg said.


"The OSCE also provides information on military equipment deployed in the east of Ukraine. It is hard to believe that armed groups independently use this military equipment. Obviously, Russian specialists are operating there and they provide assistance in using complex weapon systems," the secretary general said.However, Stoltenberg did not deny that some NATO members may also be providing weapons to Kiev.