Turkish mayor against those with ‘walls in mind’

A controversial women-only section at Ereğli beach in the Karamürsel district of Kocaeli Municipality has been destroyed in a storm, prompting suspicions of sabotage. Despite locals’ objections to the municipality’s decision to create the section, Kocaeli Mayor İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu did not go back on the decision, Hurriyet reports.

Karaosmanoğlu told the press on August 27 that the beach had been partitioned off with wooden screens at the requests of women who were not able to swim in the sea comfortably, and that he opposed those who had walls in their mind.

“This is not discrimination but respect for a lifestyle. I see this as a human right. I don’t respect those who don’t respect this choice. It is a civilized act to respect the views of these people. I can’t wash away the dogma in the heads of some people. They have walls in their mind. But I built a wall on the beach. I don’t have walls in my heart,” he said, adding that they would remove the wall at the end of the summer season.