Iranian doctors invent multiple sclerosis drugs

17 January 2013 - 4:58pm

Scientists from the Iranian University of Tabriz have developed a
herbal drug that can completely cure patients with multiple sclerosis.

The new drug is called "MS Nut" (Nutrition). It is made from vegetable
oils and is produced in the form of a syrup. It took the scientists
2.5 years to develop the drug.

The drug was tested on 100 patients with multiple sclerosis, the
treatment led to the recovery of 65 patients. Most of them were fully
cured. Patients with advanced forms of the disease showed only
partial improvement.

Patients are supposed to take "MS Nut" for from six months to a year.

The drug has been licensed in Iran. Today there are 50 thousand
people suffering from this disease in Iran.

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