Olympic Village in Sochi will have religious centers


For the Winter Olympic Games in 2014, the city of Sochi will get religious centers 

for believers of the five major religions of the world, the head of the 

department of the international zone and recreational activities of the "Sochi-2014" 

Organizing Committee Vitaly Savilov said.



"Buildings with religious premises will be open in all three Olympic

villages," Savilov told a meeting today of the Interreligious


Council, adding that a number of religious centers will be opened at

the Olympics for the first time.


The centers will have five separate prayer rooms for followers of


Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism and Hinduism. The size of each

prayer room is 10 square meters. The centers will operate from 07:00

to 22:00.


For those wishing to visit a temple or other religious building

directly in Sochi, transportation will be organized,

ITAR-TASS reports.


Vestnik Kavkaza

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