Trade unions of civil servants support protests in Turkey

3 June 2013 - 4:58pm

Turkey's Public Workers Unions Confederation (KESK) said on Monday that it would hold a "warning strike" on June 4-5 to protest at a crackdown on anti-government protests over the last four days. 

"The state terror implemented against mass protests across the country ... has shown once again the enmity to democracy of the AKP government," Reuters quotes the  statement from the leftist confederation KESK, which has some 240,000 members in 11 unions.

"AKP (the ruling Justice and Development Party) has once again shown the world its hostility toward democracy. Thousands of people were detained. Cities are taken in a siege, at night the hunt for the opposition begins," ITAR-TASS quotes the statement.

KESK originally planned to hold a "warning strike" on June 5, on the requirements of safer working conditions and wages, but because of the recent protests the Confederation will join the protesters, supporting their demands, one day earlier.

KESK encourages all public sector employees to come to work on June 4 wearing  black. Before each of the offices a press statement condemning the policy of the authorities is scheduled. "We call upon all the labor and democratic forces to present a united front against the authoritarian government, which does not recognize laws and exerts pressure," the statement says.

The strike will last at least until June 5.

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