Chechen special forces train for championship in Jordan

Chechen special forces train for  championship in Jordan

In Chechnya, preparations for the Royal World Cup among uniformed special forces, which will be held in Jordan, is going actively. This was said by the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, on his Instagram page.

"Today the fighters had a very eventful day. We held combat training for the release of captured terrorists, conditionally building and dismantling terrorist groups at distances from one hundred to three hundred meters. After a short break, we made a difficult 10-kilometer march in the mountains in full gear, with five shooting ranges and overcoming heights and water obstacles," the official website of the head of the Chechen government quoted him as saying.

Kadyrov said that, according to the curator of the team - the assistant head of the republic Daniel Martynov - the team is in great shape

"According to Martynov, all the fighters have shown excellent results, expressed the will to win and overcome the difficulties. He was confident that the Russian team, fully formed from a number of law enforcement officers of the Chechen Republic, will show excellent results in the championship," the head of Chechnya concluded.