Ingushetia visited by Brazilian bloggers

14 September 2012 - 8:08pm

Brazilian bloggers and representatives of advertising companies, as
well as Brazilian business consultant, Darlan Moraes, and
creative director of the agency Lowe Adventa, Andreas Toscano, have arrived
in Ingushetia, ChechenInfo reports.

Together with the Brazilian guests, representatives of the Moscow
blogosphere and tourist companies arrived in Ingushetia, the press
service of the regional government reports.

After an extensive trip around Ingushetia the Brazilian business
representatives recognized the tourist potential of Ingushetia. "The
two days spent in Ingushetia have loaded me with energy for I hope,
no less than three months ahead," the creative director of the Lowe
Adventa advertising firm, Andreas Toscano, shared his impressions. I
think I would definitely come back here and will be sure to bring my
Brazilian guests along - at least 10 people!"

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