Tourism routes to be restored in Caucasus

12 October 2012 - 3:06pm

The company North Caucasus Resorts (NCR) and the WWF plan to restore popular ecological tourism routes of the Caucasus, CEO of the NCR Ahmed Bilalov and Director of the WWF office in Russia Igor Chestin said, a press release acquired by Vestnik Kavkaza says.

The officials signed a deal on cooperation in environmental protection and joint delivery of bisons.

The route from Arkhyz to Krasnaya Polyan (Sochi) will be the first to be restored, Bilalov says. It used to be 200 km long and took 6-7 days to travel during Soviet times.

Chestin said that ecological tourism is a priority of the WWF and NCR. Tourism allowing people to see rare animals in nature are a unique trait of the Caucasus, a trait Western Europe lacks, he notes. Restoring the bison population is an example of an ecologically responsible approach. NCR and the WWF have great multi-decade prospects for cooperation, Chestin emphasizes.

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