Adygea authorities to spend 50 million rubles on development of tourism

Adygea authorities to spend 50 million rubles on development of tourism


The number of companies providing services in the tourism and health sectors has grown substantially in Adygea. The number of operators in the tourism industry in 2013 increased by 40%. For services in this area Adygea has received more than 370 million rubles.

The republic's government is set to develop the tourism sector in the region and plans to actively promote the industry internationally. In this regard, Adygea's authorities have decided to allocate  almost 50 million rubles on a three-year program of tourism development.

The republic also agreed with Rosturizm on inclusion of projects in the field of tourism in the state program " Development of domestic and inbound tourism."

The tourist flow in the country will be increasing for several years. In 2012, 286 thousand tourists and sightseers visited the Republic of Adygea, and in 2013 - more than 300 thousand tourists.

Once the construction of the year-round skiing resort "Lagonaki" begins the tourist flow will increase significantly. This project involves the installation of 60 cable cars and ski trails with a total length of 279 km, and it can accomodate up to 28 thousand tourists at the same time. The construction of this resort will create about 20 thousand jobs in the entire territory of Adygea.

"Adygea is a constant participant in these exhibitions. This year the republic showcased more than a dozen tourism products, which consistently rank among the most popular tours in Russia and are popular abroad. These are hiking and mountaineering, climbing , canyoning, rafting and jeeping. Horse riding, rock climbing and mountain biking are increasing in popularity," Rossiyskaya Gazeta quotes the head of the department committee on tourism and resorts of Adygea, Genrikh Derziyan.


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