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Turkish drones start operating in Northern Syria

Turkish drones have started operating in northern Syria where the U.S. and Turkey have agreed to create a safe zone, Turkey's Defence Ministry said. Washington and Ankara agreed last week to set up a joint operations center …

Trump: being president costing me a fortune

U.S. President Donald Trump claimed that being president will personally cost him billions of dollars, due in part to the lawyers he has had to hire to defend him in various lawsuits. "This thing is costing me …

WTO future in doubt?

Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov commented on Washington’s possible withdrawal from the World Trade Organization (WTO). According to him, it would make the organisation's further existence meaningless. …

Turkey struggling with forest fires

A total of 30 forest fires have been recorded in Turkey over the past three days. According to the Turkish media, forest fires were mainly registered in western provinces, where many resorts are located. As the media …

'Tufan' ship showcased at Baku military exhibition

The 'Tufan' ship built in Azerbaijan was showcased at the military exhibition in Baku organized in connection with the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Azerbaijani State Border Service. The ship has been provided with …

 Azerbaijan discloses oil production volumes for July

Oil production in Azerbaijan for July amounted to 778,000 barrels per day, the Azerbaijani Energy Ministry said in a statement. It was noted that the daily oil production in July amounted to 778,000 barrels, of these, 704,000 …

Russia to process nuclear waste of Uzbek NPP

The spent fuel of the nuclear power plant (NPP), which will be built in Uzbekistan, will be processed in Russia, and radioactive waste will be stored in Uzbekistan, according to the press service of the Uzatom agency. "It is …

 Trump explains why he delayed China tariffs

U.S. President Donald Trump said he is delaying some tariffs on Chinese imports ahead of the Christmas season to stem their potential impact on holiday shopping. "We’re doing this for the Christmas …