Bashar Assad

Syrian kaleidoscope

Actions of the United States and its constantly changing position cause serious concern among main players in Syria

Russia managed to save Assad as president, London says

Britain is resigned to Syrian President Bashar al Assad remaining in power and Russia gaining a new sphere of influence in the region, the foreign secretary has signalled, Sky News reports. But, speaking exclusively to Sky News, Jeremy …

Assad reveals primary goal of terrorists in Syria

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad affirmed that food security ensured by the agricultural sector is one of the key factors that consolidated Syria’s independent decision over the past decades. Therefore, according …

Assad holds meeting with liberated Syrians

Syrian President Bashar Assad met with residents of the Syrian province of Suwayda, liberated from the captivity of ISIS terrorists. "This is the last group of freed hostages, but no one has forgotten and will …

Iran and Syria sign military cooperation deal

Iran and Syria signed a deal for military cooperation in a meeting between the defense ministers of the two countries in Damascus, Iranian Defence Minister Amir Hatami traveled to Damascus on Sunday for a two-day visit, …