Konstantin Kosachev

Kosachev: Russian-US relations to only worsen

Chairman of the Russian State Duma International Affairs Committee, Konstantin Kosachyov, said there could be no improvement in Russia-U.S. relations after the new sanctions and says relations will only worsen. …

Pre-Geneva activation

In the context of a meeting between the Syrian government and the opposition, mediated by Russia, Turkey and Iran

Russia marks Day of Diplomatic Worker

Russia is marking the Day of a Diplomatic Worker. The date was set on October 31, 2002, by the Russian President Vladimir Putin and is celebrated annually on February 10. The date was chosen upon the discovery of the …

Will US lose interest in South Caucasus?

US interest in the South Caucasus region under President Donald Trump is likely to significantly decrease due to the new US President's isolationist policy and focus on the internal affairs of America, the chairman of the …

Kosachev: Russia tired of confrontation with US

Russia is tired of confrontation with the US and will be glad to see a pragmatic, if not friendly partner in Washington, the Chairman of Russia’s Federation Council International Affairs Committee, Konstantin …

 Turkish and Russian lawmakers to jointly visit Syria

Several representatives of largest Turkish political parties said they welcome a Russian proposal to visit Syria together with Russian lawmakers. The proposal has been put forward by the chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of …