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Apricot Festival 2015

Last Sunday, on July 5th, the multinational Apricot Festival took place in the Museon Park in Moscow. Initiators were giving apricots to everyone, holding workshops, singing, and dancing on the stage.  …

Seaside Batumi

Batumi is one of the most beautiful cities of Georgia. Today Batumi is a center of tourism and the main seaport of the country. Batumi is an old city. For the first time it was mentioned by Aristotle in the 4th century B.C. In the Middle Ages the …

Prom-night 2015

On June 19th proms took place in Moscow schools. The official prom-night party was organized in the Gorky Park. 17.5 thousand school leavers from more than 270 Moscow schools participated in it. …

The Days of Ingushetia in the Russian State Duma

The Days of the Republic of Ingushetia has opened at the State Duma of the Russian Federation with the participation of deputies of the National Assembly, members of the Government, heads of ministries and departments, representatives of business and society in the region. The exhibition was opened in the context of the event, showing the potential of the constituent part of the Russian Federation.

Moscow Spartakiada 2015

On June 6th at the Yantar Moscow Stadium, the 2nd Moscow Spartakiada of Ethnic Social Unions and Communities of Moscow took place.The event was organized by the City Department for Ethnic Policy, Interregional Ties and Tourism. Its aim was to …

Dances of the dervishes

Dervish is a Persian work which means “needy”; it is used by the Muslims for describing a person adhering to Islam, searching for salvation in asceticism. Even though Mohammad said that “there is no monkhood in Islam”, due to the Arabs’ tradition of living ascetically, in the first centuries of hadschara many dervish orders and brotherhoods were founded. Dervish adheres to Sufism.

 Premiere of the film "Let It Be’’

The premiere of the film 'Let It Be' took place on Sunday at the Moscow State Kremlin Palace. It was filmed in the context of the nationwide project 'Business confidence is the future of Russia'. Before the show there was a presentation of the film and awarding of the ‘’Power’’ prize, established by the International Centre for Business Development. The Director General of Vestnik Kavkaza, Ismail Agakishiyev, was one of prize winners.  

Azerbaijani Republic Day

The Azerbaijani embassy in Russia celebrated the country's Republic Day yesterday. The Azerbaijan Democratic Republic was proclaimed on May 28, 1918. Russian politicians have congratulated Azerbaijan.