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Tashmaydan park in Belgrade

Tashmaydan park is one of the most famous places in the capital of Serbia. Saltpeter mines were located in this place during in the times of the Ottoman Empire. In 2010, park was reconstructed thanks to financial support of …

Restoration of Azerbaijan pavilion at VDNKh

The restoration works are being held in the VDNKh pavilion №14 ‘Azerbaijan’. The Azerbaijan pavilion is undoubtedly one of the decorations of the exhibition. The pavilion was built in 1939 by Azerbaijani architects Sadikh …

Vladikavkaz. Mukhtarov Mosque

For 110 years the Sunni mosque is considered one of the main symbols of Vladikavkaz. In this city, a meeting between the hereditary Ossetian noblewoman, the daughter of General Khambi Tuganov, Elizaveta Tuganova, and the Baku oil-industrialist …

Moscow prom 2018

Prom celebration was held in the Gorky Park in Moscow on the night of June 23-24. …

Ramadan Tent. Azerbaijani evening 2018

For more than ten years, the annual cultural and charity project, the Ramadan Tent, has been held in Moscow. This event is the embodiment of the true Muslim hospitality. Today, the Day of Azerbaijan organized by the Representation of the Heydar …

Azerbaijan’s Republic Day in Moscow

Today, in Moscow, an event was held dedicated to Azerbaijan’s Republic Day, which is celebrated every year on May 28th in honor of the proclamation of the Azerbaijani Democratic Republic in 1918. This year marks the centennial anniversary …

Newly accepted pioneers on Red Square

Today, on the Red Square, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation accepted  3000 students from Moscow, the Moscow Region and other regions of Russia to pioneers. The young people of the North Caucasian Federal District also became the …

Moscow State University in spring

Lomonosov Moscow State University and its neighboring territories are not only a prestigious educational institution but also the capital’s tourist destination. It’s especially beautiful in spring, the time of blooming of tulips, …

Russia celebrates Victory Day

Today, Russia and post-Soviet countries are celebrating one of the most important holidays of the year – Day of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. Celebrations, including military parades and solemn marches were held in all regions of the …