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Armenian president meeting NATO Secretary General

Serzh Sargsyan, the president of Armenia, will pay a visit to Brussels on May 25th. There he will meet Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the Secretary General of NATO, Madiamax reports. After the meeting he will answer journalists' questions.

Turkey ready to open its ports to Greek Cypriots

Turkish foreign minister Ahmet Davutoglu has announced that if three ports of the Turkish republic of Northern Cyprus are opened, all Turkish ports will be opened to Greek Cypriot ships, TRT Russian reports. Davutoglu said the ports of Girne and Magosa and Erdjan airport should be opened in Cyprus.

Iran has officially informed the IAEA on its readiness to exchange uranium

The permanent representative of Iran to the IAEA, Ali Asghar Soltani,informed the organization of Tehran's readiness to pass on the messageto the UN giving details on the Iranian-Turkish-Brazilian declarationon uranium exchange, reports Interfax.It is expected that Ali Asghar Soltani and the IAEA director will holda meeting in Vienna on May 24th. Turkish and Brazilian representativeswill also attend the meeting.

Un Secretary General recommends Turkey settle conflicts with Armenia and Cyprus.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon has recommended Turkish authoritiesto start more effective working out of solutions to the conflicts withArmenia and Cyprus, reports RBK."Let's establish new diplomatic contacts with Armenia. Don't neglectopportunities on Cyprus. The negotiations will be reopened next week.The convergence of views is a jig-saw.

Putin and Sarkisyan discuss Russian-Armenian cooperation

Russian Premier Vladimir Putin discussed the implementation of several joint projects with his Armenian counterpart Serzh Sarkisyan, reports ITAR-TASS.A short bilateral meeting, held in Konstantin Palace, saw discussion of different aspects of bilateral relations, trade and economic cooperation.

Russia interested in strengthening the CIS

Russia interested in strengthening the CIS

Russia is interested in the strengthening of the Commonwealth of Independent States, said Russian Premier Vladimir Putin, opening a meeting of heads of government of the CIS, reports RIA Novosti.

Chechnya changes law on executive powers

The members of the Chechen parliament have reviewed amendments to theconstitutional law on "System of executive powers in the Republic OfChechnya".The changes have been initiated by the Russian Justice Ministry, whichhas pointed out inconsistencies in the law.The law was passed in its second reading.

Saint-Petersburg hosts CIS summit

The heads of the governments and other top officials of the CISmember-states have gathered in Saint-Petersburg to discuss the mostvital issues of interstate cooperation, reports ITAR-TASS.The meeting will see discussion of nineteen issues, most of which areeconomic, in particular, the implementation of the "Energy cooperationconcept". The participants of the meeting are going to draw up aforecast for energy production and consumption in the CIS states until

Clinton threatens Iran with isolation

Iran should meet the international community halfway over its nuclearprogram or the country risks falling into international isolation, USsecretary of state Hillary Clinton told a joint press conference withJapanese Foreign Minister Kazuya Okada on Friday.She said Tehran should fulfil its obligations, otherwise it will faceisolation. Clinton also noted that the project of the UN resolutionagainst Iran, announced this week, is an explicit message to theIranian authorities, reports ITAR-TASS.

Azerbaijan welcomes UN resolution

The Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry has welcomed the adoption of the UNresolution on "UN strategy in the South Caucasus", based on the reportof the Bulgarian member of the Parliament, Mr. Evgeni Kirilov, reportsTrend, citing the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry.Supporting the EU initiatives on the European Neighbourhood Policy andthe Eastern Partnership, the European Parliament calls for moreintensive participation of the EU in the transformation of the South

Dagestani president to visit Azerbaijan

Dagestani President Magomedsalam Magomedov will pay a visit toAzerbaijan on May 24-25, reports Trend, citing Dagestan's diplomaticmission in Azerbaijan.During the visit, Magomedov will meet with the Prime Minister and theSpeaker of the Milli Mejlis (Parliament) of Azerbaijan. It is expectedthat during the second day of his visit to Azerbaijan, he will visitthe northern region of the country.An agreement on trade-economic, scientific-technical and cultural

Russia, Abkhazia ratify visa-free agreement

The Abkhazian parliament has ratified a bilateral visa-free deal withRussia, reports Apsynpress.The agreement was signed by the Russian and Abkhazian foreignministers, Sergei Lavrov and Sergei Shamba, in Sukhumi on October 2,2009. It was expected to come into force 30 days after the signing,but was postponed for six months.Officials said the agreement will boost the development of bilateralrelations and strengthen economic ties. Moreover, the authorities of

Explosive device on Dagestani railroad defused

An explosive device detected in the Makhachkala section of theBaku-Rostov railway has been defused. According to APA, citing Russianmedia, the power of the explosive device was equal to 10 kg of TNT.

South Ossetian-Russian joint efforts against illegal migration

South Ossetian Interior Minister Valeriy Valiyev and Russia's deputyhead of the Federal Migration Service, Sergey Kaliuzhniy, have signedan agreement on joint efforts against illegal migrants in Tskhinvali.The document is the extension of a Russian-South Ossetian agreement onbilateral visa-free travel signed in Moscow on February 1.

Sanctions against Iran will not affect Russian interests

Possible sanctions against Iran "would not affect existingRussian-Iranian economic contacts", the chairman of the Russian upperhouse's committee on international affairs said.The UN SC resolution project for Iran is well-balanced and wasconcerned by Russia, the USA and China, Mikhail Margelov said.

Unresolved South Caucasian conflicts create obstacles for EU

Unresolved conflicts are an obstacle to stability in the SouthCaucasian region, a member of European Commission delegation toArmenia said at the international 'Caucasus-2009' conference inYerevan on Friday. Onno Simons said he believes that there is a riskof conflict renewal, Georgia Online reports. He also noted that Georgia is an example of the negative effect ofunresolved conflicts, resulting in disrupted energy supplies.

Abkhazian authorities start re-registering Kodori Gorge residents

Abkhazian authorities have begun the re-registration of residents ofKodori Gorge villages, presidential spokesman Sergey Jonua said, RIANovosti reports.Inhabitants of Kuapchara, Chkhalta, Ajara, Gentsvish, Gvanda, Sakenhave been without ID for two years. The main inhabitants areGeorgians.On 12th August 2008 Abkhazian armed forces liberated the high KodoriGorge from Georgian forces, restoring Abkhazian jurisdiction. Peoplewill receive temporary IDs.

Armenia appreciates Russian role in Nagorno-Karabakh settlement

Armenia appreciates Russian role in Nagorno-Karabakh settlement

Russia plays a constructive role in the process of Nagorno-Karabakhsettlement within the framework of the OSCE Minsk Group, ArmenianForeign Minister Edward Nalbandian said, Madiamax reports.Nalbandian noted that Russian President Dmitry Medvedev had made greatpersonal contribution to the peace process by initiating meetingsbetween Azerbaijan and Armenia leaders.

Jihad and Mufti

Jihad and Mufti

The president of Karachay-Cherkessia Taimuraz Mamsurov will take direct participation in taking a decision on whether to accept Evteev's resignation over an interview with a website that drew criticism among Muslims in Russia.

Armenia denies new road-map plan in relations with Turkey

A new road-map in normalizing Armenian-Turkish relations will not bedeveloped, Armenian Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian said on Friday,RIA Novosti reports.Deputy of the minister from the Turkish Justice and Development PartySuat Kinikoglu said on Thursday in Washington that the two countrieswill freeze negotiations until a new document is developed.