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Heydar Aliyev Scholarship to be created in Greece

A Scholarship named after the Azerbaijani National Leader Heydar Aliyev will be established in Greece. The Heydar Aliyev Scholarship is expected to be established in one of the most prestigious universities in Greece - at the Athens Economics University, on the Azerbaijani embassy's initiative, Azerbaijani Ambassador to Greece Rahman Mustafayev told Azerbaijani students in Athens, Trend reports.

Passenger bus heading to Azerbaijan crashes in Turkey

A passenger bus heading from Istanbul to Azerbaijan has had an accident in the city of Samsun, Hurriyet reports. 10 were injured, there may be Azeri citizens among them. 10 names of injured reported by the Turkish site are: Sedakat Kurbanova Sana Nevzarova Sulhare Caferova Vali Haciyet Kristina Poposova Gülnaz Kvanchvani Cahimara Zeynalova Emma Aliesa Osman Ozdemir Kadir Demirhan

Kirghiz government prolongs state of emergency in Osh

The provisional government of Kyrgyzstan has decided to prolong the state of emergency until June 25th in the towns of Osh, Uzgen and in the Kara-Suy and Aravan districts of the region, Interfax reports, with reference to the press-service of the provisional government.

Medic's Day in Russia

Every year on the 3rd Sunday of June, Medic's Day is celebrated in Russia. This professional holiday was established in 1965.The best doctors, the best hospitals of the country and non-medics who have made a big contribution to the development of healthcare are awarded with the national prize 'Vocation'.On 1st January 2009, 621,800 doctors and 1,336,200 medics with higher professional qualifications were working in Russia, RIA Novosti reports.

Explosion in copper mine in Kazakhstan

In Mine number 67 of the Kazakhmys corporation in Satpayevo (in Karaganda region, central Kazakhstan) three miners have died and one was injured as the result of an explosion, Interfax reports. Workers of the Emergency Situations Department, rescuers of the militarized repair and rescue service Komir, and workers of the Satpayevo public prosecutor's office arrived at the scene to remove the results of the explosion.

300th anniversary of Armenian community in Saint Petersburg

300th anniversary of Armenian community in Saint Petersburg

A document on cooperation between the Saint Petersburg and Yerevan state universities has been signed with the participation of the presidents of Russia and Armenia during the events devoted to the 300th anniversary of the Armenian community in Saint Petersburg, reports.

Georgia to send aid to Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan

Supplies will be sent to Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan as humanitarian aid from the Georgian government on June 20th and 21st, reports Georgia online. According to a representative of the Georgian Health Ministry, the cargo is worth a total of $300 thousand.

Pass grade for universities lowered in Armenia

The pass grade for entry to state institutions of higher education has been lowered, Armenian Education Minister Armen Ashotyan said today, Panorama reports. "On the one hand, it makes work in the universities more difficult, on the other hand, it allows more students to be accepted, so in the case of difficult exams there should be no fear of lack of paying students or financing, he said. It should be noted there are fewer places than applicants in Armenia this year, some of whom have already received bad marks.

Medvedev recommends attracting North Caucasian contractors for construction of Olympic facilities

Dmitri Medvedev has advised the Krasnodar authorities and companies to attract North Caucasian builders for Olympic construction works.

Ukrainian ship stranded in Bosphorus damaging two buildings in Istanbul

The "Oles Gonchar", a Ukrainian cargo ship, has run aground in the Bosphorus and struck the villa of Esma Sultan. The villa has not been seriously harmed, TRT reports. The sea police and coastguard have launched an investigation and are estimating the damage.

Kurd gunmen attack Turkish soldiers - 8 dead

At least 8 Turkish soldiers were killed and 24 injured in an attack by terrorists from the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) in the province of Hakkari, CNN Turk reports.PKK attacks have become more frequent in past weeks. The Turkish armyhas begun a special operation at the Iraqi border. Special forces have been directed to the provinces of Hakkari and Shirnak.

NFCD borders might be changed

The Russian president's representative in the North Caucasus Federal District, Aleksandr Khloponin, believes that it is early to speak about final borders of the district."We are on the path of establishing and developing the Caucasus district,' -he said in an interview to RIA Novosti. Speaking about possibility of including new regions in the district, he said that this is an issue at question, RIA Novosti reports.

South Russia discusses North Caucasus ecology

A session of the "North Caucasus" Association's coordinating committee has been held in the southern Russian city of Gelenjik. The session was devoted to the ecological problems of the region, reports.The meeting saw discussion of the ecological problems and ways to resolve them, prospects for recycling agricultural waste into bio gas, energy and organic fertilizers. Problems of state ecological control and strengthening it were also discussed.

Turkish military push Kurdish militants into Northern Iraq

A largegroup of Turkish military engineering and Special Operations troops were sent to Khikkari and Shyrnak. The terrorists starting retreating to Northern Iraq. The Spec Ops are following them, assisted by helicopters, TRT reports.3 terrorists were killed in an operation in Erzinjan, 2 others were captured. The Turkish president, premier and the head of General Headquarters discussed the rising number of terrorist attacks. Erdogan and Bashbuga discussed the measures against terrorists.

Volleyball matches between Turkish and Israeli national teams cancelled

The European Volleyball Federation declared that the matches betweenTurkey and Israel in the European women’s volleyball league have beencancelled due to tensions between the two countries.The European federation believes that holding such matches could posea danger. The federation decided to give both national teams 3:0victories.

Fighting drug addiction

Fighting drug addiction

Operation 'Mak' is carried out in Ingushetia, aimed at eliminating illegal plantations of drug plants

Four extremists convicted for blowing up gas pipeline

Four members of a religious extremist group with links to an international terrorist network were convicted in Baku. They were accused of creating an illegal armed formation and planning terrorist attacks. They received from 3 to 15 year prison sentences.The judge in the trial, Azer Orudjev, said that they were involved in bandit formations in Ingushetia and blowing up a gas pipeline in Russia, ITAR-TASS reports.

Turkey loses trial to Patriarch of Constantinople

Judges of the European Court made a unanimous decision that the Turkish authorities must hand back the property of the Patriarch of Constantinople, the Greek refuge on Byuyukada Island.For the first time Turkey has to return the building in full and there will be no alternatives, such as paying compensation to the religious community, Blagovest-info reports.Patriarch Bartholomew I declared earlier that they will establish a church center for environmental protection and interreligious dialogue.

42 students from Armenia to study in best Russian universities for free

The Education Ministry of Russia has granted 42 government scholarships to Armenian students, News Armenia reports, with reference to the Education Ministry of Armenia.Candidates for a scholarship must fill in an application and provide a diplom, a medical certificate, a copy of their passport and a birth certificate, and photos. All documents should be submitted by June 18th.

11 villages of Svanetia cut off from outside world

In the mountains of Svanetia 11 villages were cut off from the outside world as a result of flooding, NewsGeorgia reports, with reference to the TV company Imedi. Rescuers have been unable to reach the villages because of swollen rivers, but electricity supply has been reestablished.