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A new subject 'The basics of fighting corruption' is introduced to Armenian schools

A new subject, 'The basics of fighting corruption' will start in the new school year and will be taught as part of Social Studies. A book for teachers "Education against corruption" was introduced to teachers on Thursday, developed by the organization "The Future is Yours" in association with USAID.The book is approved by the National Institute of Education of Armenia. During the development of the book a series of courses was taken in 9 public schools. 880 pupils and 74 teachers took part in the experiment.

Georgian border guards detain 3 Turkish citizens

Georgian border guards detained 3 citizens of Turkey for trespassing over the border. The names of the trespassers are Petar Suna, Remzi Gunas and Malazim Temur, reports Georgia Online. They were stopped at the Chirukhi sector. An investigation is in progress.

A suicide bomber in North Ossetia

The Ministry of the Interior of North Ossetia says that the explosion next to a control post near the Ingush-North Ossetian border was caused by a suicide bomber, reports Interfax.As a result of the incident, security was reinforced at all objects of the Ministry of the Interior.Two policemen were injured and one died in the explosion.

Suicide bomber in North Ossetia

Two policeman were injured and one died in an attack by a suicide bomber on a police post in North Ossetia, says a source in the police department of the region, reports "Interfax-Yug" 

Earthquake in Georgia

An earthquake measuring 3.5?took place in Georgia on the evening of the 16th of August. The center of it was in the village of Sabue in the Kvarelsky region. According to the Kvarelsky administration?nobody was injured, reports Trend.

Ossetian Oktoberfest

First festival of Ossetian national beer launched on August 2nd continues to September 25th

The Mashuk conference is a correct, timely initiative by the president

The "Mashuk" conference is a correct, timely initiative by the president

Famous people continue to visit the international camp "Mashuk". One of the invited guests was a journalist, member of the Civic Chamber and initiator of the project 'Peace to the Caucasus', Maksim Shevchenko. He arrived at "Mashuk" to get acquainted with the participants in the conference, the young journalists from the Caucasus, describing the idea of the camp as "very good"."Useful things won't appear on their own, it all depends on us - the guests, the participants and the organizers. But in any case it is a good, correct and timely initiative by the president," said the journalist.

Catholicos Karekin II and Archbishop Feofan of Stavropol and Vladikavkaz meet

Catholicos Karekin II and Archbishop Feofan of Stavropol and Vladikavkaz met in the Caucasus Mineral Waters region, reports Novosti-Armenia. The clergymen visited the St.George Convent. “This is to symbolize that we, the Russian Orthodox Church and the oldest Armenian Apostolic Church, are on very warm and close terms,”    archbishop Feofan of  Stavropol and Vladikavkaz said, “We all move towards Christ.”

North Ossetia spends 1.5 million on preventing forest fires

1.5 million roubles were given to North Ossetia from the federal budget for preventing forest fires.1500 men and 106 pieces of firefighting equipment are ready to stop fires. 15 towns, 6 industrial sites and 38 camping sites have been taken under control.Measures to protect populated areas are also being taken.16.08.2010

Georgian president plans a revolution in education

"In the next several years a revolution in education will take place," said the president of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili, reports Interfax.In the next 4 years all pupils will start speaking English, according to the plan of the administration. At the moment, teachers from the USA, Canada and Europe are arriving in Georgia.Saakashvili noted that other languages will also be taught.16.08.2010

Football and life

Football and life

 Why after the fall of USSR, arrival of satellite dishes and cable lines Georgian football degraded

Explosions in Dagestan

Two explosions occurred with in minutes of each other in Makhachkala last night, reports RIA Novosti, referring to a representative of the ministry of the Interior.At about 00-15 am an explosion was heard on Magomettargiev Street . When the police arrived at the scene, a second bomb exploded, damaging a police car. No one was injured.16.08.2010

"Mashuk-2010" to celebrate the Day of Chechnya

The first guest from Chechnya arrived at the "Mashuk-2010" camp last night. They are outstanding political and social figures, such as Isa Khajimuradov, the member of the Parliament of the Republic, Movla Gairkhanov and Rajap Musaev, the director of the news agency "Grozny-Inform".The camp is now preparing for celebrations to mark the Day of Chechnya.

Iranian citizen charged with 11 murders detained in Brazil

An Iranian citizen charged with 11 murders has been detained in Brazil, reports.Farhad Marzivi was arrested in the city of Fortaleza in the North-East of Brazil. He is charged with organization of a criminal group and smuggling.According to the police he has committed 11 murders.

First apartments to rehouse people displaced by Olympic construction in Sochi to be ready by fall

The first five-storey houses with apartments for people being rehoused due to work on Olympic construction projects will be ready by fall, declared the media-service of the Krasnodar Krai Olympic Committee, RIA Novosti reports. The total number of future apartments in the 6 five-storey houses is 256. Over 400 people work on the project. A school, medical center and kindergarten are also being built in the new block.

Chechnya to continue the Mashuk initiative

The Chechen Republic intends to host a summer camp, similar to the ‘Mashuk-2010’ one, for young people from all Caucasian republics next year, RIA Novosti reports. ‘Mashuk-2010’ opened last Monday near Pyatigorsk and will last till August 27th. Two thousand young people from all North Caucasian regions, as well as from Abkhazia and South Ossetia, will take part in it.

Burjanadze not allowed entry to refugee camp in Gori

The leader of the 'Democratic Movement – United Georgia' political party, Nino Burjanadze, was not allowed to enter the Hurvaleti refugee camp in Gori, Gazeta.Ru informs. The refugees, especially the supporters of Georgia's current authorities, behaved with extreme aggression. The famous sportsman Luka Kurtanidze, who accompanied Ms Burjanadze, told the press that the refugees threw stones at the unwanted visitors.

Mass in Turkey’s Panagia monastery gathers thousands of pilgrims

Today, on the Feast of the Dormition of the Mother of God, the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew celebrated mass in the Panagia Sümela Monastery in the Trabzon Province of Turkey. The mass gathered thousands of pilgrims from Greece, Russia, Ukraine and Georgia, RIA Novosti reports.

Two militants identified in Stavropol Krai

Police have identified the bodies of two militants who attacked a police patrol in Stavropol Krai yesterday and killed one officer, Interfax reports. A source in the local police office told that one of the attackers was Muhammad Dzugov from Stavropol Krai and the other one was Ismalil Seyidov from Makhachkala. Both of them were wanted by the police for committing various crimes, including attacks on police officers.

Smog covers Moscow again

Smog has appeared in some districts of Moscow again, RIA Novosti reports. The residents of Moscow have been suffering from smog caused by wild-fires for two weeks now. It seemed to have vanished on Tuesday but returned on Friday. Today only the South-Eastern and Central Administrative Okrug are affected. Weather conditions favorable to smog will remain till the beginning of next week.