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Break in electricity supply in Chechnya

Around 5,000 people were left without electricity in the Gudermes district of Chechnya due to power cuts at the Gudermes substation on Monday, RIA Novosti reports with reference to the Southern Regional Center of the Russian Emergency Ministry.Remedial work, interrupted by the onset of night time, are scheduled to resume on Tuesday morning. Work should be completed by 4 p.m. (Moscow time). As reported by the Ministry, heating and water supplies in the houses continue to work normally.

Bella Akhmadulina dies

Russian and Soviet poetess Bella Akhmadulina died today, at the age of 73, reports.Bella Akhmadulina is considered to be one of the most importantRussian poets of the second half of the 20th century.

Conflict between Cossacks and Chechens in Stavropol Territory

On Monday investigating authorities opened a criminal case against a resident of the town of Zelenokumsk in Stavropol Territory, born in Chechnya, who is suspected of using firearms during a conflict with Cossacks, RIA Novosti reports. On the night of November 27 a group of young people decided to stand up for an underage girl who complained that locals tried to force her into their car in Zelenokumsk. The "defenders" were "repulsed" from the car with weapons including firearms, with eight people wounded and injured.

Caucasian Accent. Video 6. Taras Shamba (Part 3)


Caucasian Accent. Video 6. Taras Shamba (Part 2)


Caucasian Accent. Video 6. Taras Shamba (Part 1)

Caucasian Accent. Video 6. Taras Shamba (Part 1)


Two new streets appear in Krasnodar

Two new streets have appeared  in Krasnodar, the portal reports. One of the streets is named after the Hero of Russia Vladislav Posadsky.Colonel Vladislav Posadsky was a member of a combat operation to free hostages in Chechnya. He was born in the Moscow region and sent to Krasnodar for military service. He was also teaching Russian fightingto children at the city school No. 87. Posadsky died in Chechnya in 2004 rescuing hostages. He is buried in Krasnodar.

School for winter sports to open in Sochi

The municipal authorities of Sochi are to open a school for winter sports, reports, with reference to the Head of Physical Education and Sports Department of the city administration, Dmitry Lazarev."The establishment of a municipal school for winter sports became important on the eve of the 2014 Olympic Games and the numerous preliminary competitions," said Dmitry Lazarev.The decision to create this school has already been approved by the deputies of the city council.

Police charge murderers of 12 in Kushevskaya

Eight participants of Sergey Tsapka“s group have been charged withinvolvement in the murder of three families in Kushevskaya. The policeare searching for two more gang members, RIA Novosti reports, citing aspokesman of the Investigation Committee, Vladimir Markin.The suspects are accused of murder carried out by a group.During the investigations into the 12 murdered in Kushevskaya othergrave and particularly grave crimes were uncovered.

Storm warning in Sochi

A storm warning has been declared in Sochi, with wind speeds of 20meters per second, RIA Novosti reports, citing a spokesman of thesouthern regional rescue group of the Russian Emergencies Ministry.The ministry said that the storm may lead to damage to buildings, aswell as power and communication lines and transport.

International festival organized in Anatolia

The Russian diaspora in Anatolia, the largest diaspora of the region, held the First International People's Friendship Festival in Turkey on Saturday. The festival was organized with the help of the Russian Consulate in the region and local officials

Railway section blown up in Dagestan

A group of unknown perpetrators blew up a section of railtrack today in the Kizliar district of Dagestan, before opening fire on a police patrol protecting the railway groundwork

Armenian Ministry of Education ready to support church initiatives

The Armenian Ministry of Education and Science is always ready toimplement any church initiative in the sphere of education, EducationMinister Armen Ashotyan said today at the ceremony celebrating the15th anniversary of the faculty of Theology of Yerevan StateUniversity, reports.The faculty of Theology of Yerevan State University was founded in1995 by the efforts of the Honorary Doctor of the Armenian Academy ofScience and Yerevan State University, doctor of philosophy andphilology, Archbishop, Shahe Achemyan, who became the first dean of

Turkey returns Greek Orthodox orphanage to Constantinople Patriarchate

Turkey has obeyed a ruling by the European Court of Human Rights andreturned to the Constantinople Patriarchate the building of the Greekmale refugee, which was in the center of a litigation case over thepast 40 years, RIA Novosti reports, citing local media.The multi-storey building, which was once used as a shelter forChristians, was built on the Princes' Islands in the Sea of Marmaranear Istanbul in the late XIX century by a French architect and is oneof the largest wooden buildings in Europe. At the beginning of the

Eearthquake in Southern Iran

An earthquake measuring 5.6 on the Richter site occurred today in thesouthern Iran, RIA Novosti reports, citing the website of the USGeological Survey (USGS).According to the service, the tremors were recorded at 16:03(localtime). The epicentre was located 165 kilometres south of theprovincial capital, the city of Fars Shiraz and 80 kilometres south ofthe city of Firuzabadi.There is no information on casualties or damages.Iran is among the ten most earthquake-prone areas of the globe. Almost

Social Council operating in  NCFD

Social Council operating in NCFD

The presidential envoy to the North Caucasus Federal District, Alexander Khloponin, will meet with the candidates for the Social Council in the region in Essentuki.

Azerbaijan to hold culture festival in Jordan

Jordan will host an Azerbaijani cultural festival from November 29 toDecember 3, the Azerbaijani embassy in Jordan says, Trend reports.An Azerbaijani delegation, headed by the Azerbaijani Minister ofCulture and Trourism Abdulfaz Garayev, will visit Jordan to take partin the ceremony at the Royal Center of Culture in Amman.

All-Armenian Catholicos visits France

All-Armenian Catholicos Garegin II has headed to France on a week-longvisit today, News Armenia reports, citing Garegin II’spress-chancellery of Saint Echmiadzin.Norvan Zakaryan, head of the French eparchy of the Armenian ApostolicChurch and the Patriarch’s delegate to Western Europe, invited GareginII. The Armenian church leader is assisted by his verger, AnaniaTsaturyan.

Teachers admit guilt for drowned pupils of Yeya Spit

Teachers responsible for children admitted guilt for six drownedpupils and a teacher in court, reports.The 6 children drowned in the Yeya Firth of the Azov Sea, off YeyaSpit on July 7. The pupils were staying at the ‘Azov’health-improvement camp.