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Policemen shot dead in Kabardino-Balkaria

Unknown assailant shot dead a policeman near his house in Cherkessk region of Kabardino-Balkaria, RIA Novosti reports, citing a source in local law-enforcement services.

Russian Defense Ministry schools to close in Armenia

Schools financed by the Russian Defense Ministry will close in Armeniadue to Russian military reforms. The reforms will switch militaryservice to a 12-month contract, without families. Schools affectedinclude No19 for children of the 102nd Russian military base inGiumri. This school has 429 students and 77 teachers. Parents reportthat the school has already been closed.

Cathedral robbed in Rustavi

The Cathedral of Vakhtang Gorgasali was robbed in Georgia's Rustavi.Thieves stole the donation box and religious attributes, GeorgiaOnline reports.

Budenovsk marks 15th anniversary of the terrorist attack

A memorial service and church services were held in Budenovsk onMonday, where 15 years ago Chechen militants attacked the city'shospital with the loss of 130 lives, RIA Novosti reports."Budenovsk will never forget this terrible tragedy. Many people cameinto the churches to pay tribute to the memory of those who died then.The local authorities called for a minute of silence," a news-agencysource said.

Gas explosion almost destroys five-storey building in Georgia

A powerful gas explosion in a residential area of the Georgian city ofGori partially destroyed three storeys of a five-storey building. Twopeople were hospitalized in a serious condition, Interfax reports.

Armenia celebrates National Flag Day

For the first time in its history Armenia will celebrate the day ofits national flag. The law on the national flag was adopted on thisday in 2006, Kavkazskii Uzel reports.According to Pavel Sarkisyan, the director of the fund to preservenational values, "Menk", celebrations kick off today at 7pm localtime (6pm Moscow Time) with a festive parade in the center of theArmenian capital, Yerevan. It was announced that more than 1250 peoplewill take part in the event.

To serve the people is a great joy

Taimuraz Mamsurov officially took office as North Ossetian president for a second five-year term on June 7th 2010.

Nuclear detectors installed in Tbilisi airport

Georgia is developing its nuclear security technologies. Following theequipping of checkpoints with nuclear detectors, they have beeninstalled in Tbilisi international airport, Trend reports.According to the head of the US National Nuclear SecurityAdministration, Tom D'Agostino, who is in Georgia on an official visitnow, this technology allows any radioactive substance to be detected.He also noted that Georgia is one of the safest countries in theworld.

4 injured by explosion in Vladikavkaz

A bomb has exploded in Vladikavkaz.

Two explosions in Nalchik

Two explosive devices went off in Nalchik at 06.00 today Moscow time in the district of the "Stroydetal" factory, RIA Novosti reports. The devices were located 25-30 meters from each other. No one was injured, although there are residential buildings nearby.

Two killed in Nalchik attack

Two people were killed when unknown assailants opened fire at a car insouth Russia's Nalchik early on Monday, RIA Novosti reports.

Bus catastrophe with Iranians in Philippines

A tourist bus fell into a gorge in the province of Sebu in the Philippines, killing 18 people, Reuters reports. The bus was travelling to Sebu city, the capital of the province. There were about 50 Iranian citizens on the bus, most of them medical students, RIA Novosti writes. Two of those who died, the driver and the tour guide, were Filipinos. About 30 passengers of the bus were taken to hospital. The accident took place near the town of Balamban. The brakes failed

Hajj council provides quota of pilgrims

The biggest quota in Russia - 8000 places - has been provided for pilgrims from Dagestan at the meeting of the Hajj council in Moscow. Altogether, the authorities of  Saudi Arabia provided for 20,500 places to citizens of the Russian Federation who want to visit Mecca, Rossiyskaya gazeta reports. 3000 pilgrims from Chechnya , 2000 from Tatarstan and 1500 from Ingushetia will also visit the holy places.

State of emergency in Dzhalal-Abade district of Kyrgyzstan

The provisional government of Kyrgysztan has declared a state of emergency on the whole territory of the Dzhalal-Abade region and imposed a curfew, RIA Novosti reports.

Holiday season in Sochi

A grand opening of the holiday season will take place in Sochi today. There will be a big city-wide celebration, starting with a carnival parade and finishing with a concert by Russian pop-singers and fireworks, RIA Novosti reports.

Three people injured in grenade blast in Makhachkala

Three persons were injured as a result of the explosion of a grenade thrown into a grocery store in Makhachkala in the early hours of Sunday by unknown assailants, a representative of the city's law-enforcement agency told RIA Novosti.

Famous boxer killed in Vladikavkaz

The champion of big international boxing competitions, Hetag Kozayev, has been shot dead in a Vladikavkaz nightclub, Interfax reports. According to the agency's source, the murderer has been identified and now is being searched for.

Partial mobilization declared in Kyrgyzstan

The death toll has reached 80 as of 9.00 hours on Sunday, as a result of the unrest in the south of Kyrgyzstan, Trend reports, with reference to the agency AKIpress and the Health Ministry. 8 people died in Dzhalal-Abade. 1066 people asked for medical helpthe Osh and Dzhalal-Abade districts, 608 of whom were hospitalized and 380 treated as outpatients, RIA Novosti reports.

Saakashvili: Georgian media are free and aggressive

Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili thinks that the aggressiveness of the Georgian media is proof of its freedom, Georgia Online reports, with reference to the newspaper 'Rezonansi'."My philosophy is very simple, it is about an open society. Such a society exists in Georgia. It includes a free media environment. We have a free media which are very aggressive and rude. We also have freely elected municipal authorities and political parties with their own structures", Saakashvili said.

Hunting season begins in Azerbaijan

The Ecology and Natural Resources Ministry of Azerbaijan has announced the dates of the hunting season from June 5th. Ibex are permitted to be hunted from October 5th - 23rd, wild boar from September 13th - December 25th and hare from December 11th - February 5th, reports, with reference to the Ministry.The ministry has also limited the territory on which hunting is allowed.