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Turkey slams US report on human rights

Turkey on April 22 criticized the recent U.S. State Department Human Rights Report on Turkey, saying it “privileged the views of terrorist-linked sources” and “ignored the facts.” Turkey is “deeply …

Police dispersed rally in Yerevan

Armenia’s police on Sunday used special means and started dispersing the rally in Yerevan, hauling off dozens of people, TASS reported. Armenia’s police made a statement on Sunday, confirming the decision to disperse …

Erdogan: Turkey threatened by strategic partners

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said that Turkey is facing a number of threats, and one of these is posed by its own strategic partners, as he highlighted that the U.S. does not sell some weapons to Turkey but it …

Moscow eliminates consequences of hurricane   

The employees of the emergency services eliminate the consequences of the hurricane that passed through Moscow, the deputy mayor of the Department of Housing and Public Utilities and Public Works of Moscow, Peter Biryukov said. He …

Girl dies as a result of Moscow hurricane

According to the latest information, during the hurricane in Moscow, 12 people were injured, one girl died, the mayor of the capital, Sergei Sobyanin wrote in his Twitter account. He said that the girl was hospitalized and died …

Nine terrorists eliminated in Derbent

In Dagestan, during the counter-terrorist operation, the law enforcement officers neutralized nine militants, the information center of the National Antiterrorism Committee reported. According to the ministry, the terrorists planned to …

Almaty to reduce amount of harmful industries

According to the new general development plan of Almaty, all enterprises that damage the environment and present the danger of anthropogenic catastrophe will be moved beyond the city borders and the empty giant production plants of the Soviet …

Air Arabia links Grozny and Sharjah

Yesterday, Air Arabia’s first flight from the UAE city of Sharjah arrived at the airport of Grozny. The flight was met by the deputy chairman of the Chechen government, Khasan Khakimov, and the general director of the Vainakhavia company, …

Group of militants eliminated in Derbent

In Derbent, the officers of the law enforcement agencies eliminated a group of militants in the framework of the counter-terrorism operation. The special operation continues, a source in the law enforcement agencies of Dagestan said. He …