European Union

Britain and EU agree on plan for Brexit

British and European Union officials reached a long-awaited draft agreement on Britain’s troubled withdrawal from the bloc, opening the way for a high-stakes meeting of Prime Minister Theresa May’s most senior …

Battle of Moldova

The republic with the pro-Western government, the pro-Russian president, and the population divided into two parts

 Erdogan to mull regional issues in France

Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will discuss regional issues during the visit to France, a diplomatic source said. The Turkish leader will visit France on November 10-11, 2018. Among the issues to be …

EU scrambles to defy U.S.sanctions against Iran

The European Union has struggled to find a member-state to host a new financial channel to shield trade with Iran from looming US sanctions, diplomats said, in the latest hurdle to the bloc’s efforts to save a landmark nuclear deal with …