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No results after consultations to prevent tension between South Ossetia security services and Georgia

Another meeting on a mechanism for incident prevention, which took place in the area of the South Ossetian conflict in the village of Ergneti, has failed and was in fact sabotaged, the head of the information and analysis department of the Interior Ministry of Georgia, Shota Utiashvili, told journalists, reports NewsGeorgia. The director of the EU observers mission, ambassador Hansjorg Haber, believes that the meetings on incident prevention should be resumed.

Transcaspian projects to be discussed in Brussels

EU Energy Commissioner Gunter Ottinger will meet with delegations from Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan in Brussels on June 28th - 29th, reports ANS. The head of the EU mission in Azerbaijan, Roland Kobia, announced that the delegations will include representatives of the Industry and Energy Ministry and the State Oil Company of the Azerbaijani Republic. The meeting will see exchanges of views on the legal, technical and commercial issues of the Transcaspian projects.

Council of friendship groups with Azerbaijan established by EU parliaments

The establishment of a consulting council of friendship groups withAzerbaijan by the parliaments of EU countries has been approved. Thedecision was taken at a conference in Tallinn, Trend reports, citingthe press service of the State Committee for diaspora affairs.

Turkish government approves declaration concerning Israel

The Grand National Assembly of Turkey accepted a declarationconcerning the attack on a Turkish humanitarian cargo ship heading toGaza by Israeli naval forces. The declaration involves the creation ofa commission to investigate human rights violation during the attack.The commission members will visit Israel, reports.

EU to start negotiations with South Caucasian countries

Negotiations between the European Union and the countries of the South Caucasus on an association agreement between the EU, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia will start in July, Armenian Deputy Foreign Minister Karine Kazinyan said, Armenia Today reports.She recalled that the mandate for negotiations was approved on May 12th by the council of foreign ministers from 27 countries. The negotiations will involve a wide range of issues, mainly political, economic reforms, justice, and human rights.

EU-Russia summit: results

EU-Russia summit: results

Russia and the European Union will soon start implementing the "Partnership for Modernization" program, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said at the opening ceremony of the 25th Russia-EU session, ITAR-TASS reports.

Russia, EU to implement joint modernization program

Russia and the European Union will soon start implementing the"Partnership for Modernization" program, Russian President DmitryMedvedev said at the opening ceremony of the 25th Russia-EU session,ITAR-TASS reports. The chairman of the Council of Europe, Herman VanRompay, and the chairman of the European Commission will also takepart in the session."During the Stockholm meeting we discussed the idea of partnership formodernization and decided that this will become a motto of our

Baku and Ashkhabad to bridge Caspian gap

Baku and Ashkhabad to bridge Caspian gap

The basis for dialogue between Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan may become cooperation in the energy sphere.

International community criticizes Israeli raid on aid ships.

The European Union has condemned Israel's attacks on ships carryingtons of humanitarian aid from Turkey to the Gaza Strip and demanded anexplanation from the Israeli government, Trend reports.EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security PolicyCatherine Ashton appealed to the Israeli leadership to letinternational ships enter the Gaza Strip to carry humanitarian cargoto the Palestinian enclave.Moreover, the Arab League announced it will hold an emergency meeting

EU observers praise organization of Tbilisi mayoral polls

A European Union representative who monitored the Tbilisi mayoral andmunicipal elections in Georgia has praised their organization, reportsITAR-TASS, citing the head of the EU mission in Georgia, Per Eklund.

Armenia will continue to rely on foreign support in 2010 - UN

The world GDP after reducing by 2% in 2009 will rise by 3% this yearand by 3.1% in 2011. According to the new UN report on the worldeconomic state and prospects for 2010, the revival of the worldeconomy will be unstable and rapid and will not lead to the recoveryof the employment market.The head of UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Robert Vos,noted that current forecasts on the world economic development arebetter than six months ago. However, the unemployment level is stillrising around the world.

EU membership for Ukraine, Georgia 'science fiction' - EU mission in Russia

The chances of Georgia and Ukraine joining the European Union are so remote as to be akin to "science fiction," the head of the EU mission in Russia said in an interview with Russia's Nezavisimaya paper published today.

Lithuania does not recognize ‘parliamentary elections’ in Nagorno-Karabakh

The Lithuanian Premier and Foreign Minister declared in Vilnius todaythat Lithuania does not recognize the so-called ‘parliamentaryelections’ held in Nagorno-Karabakh on Sunday, affirming the positionof the Supreme EU Representative, Trend reports, citing the Lithuanianembassy in Azerbaijan.The Supreme Representative of the European Union on Foreign AffairsCatherine Ashton said earlier that the EU does not recognize theconstitutional and legal framework of the ‘parliamentary elections’ inNagorno-Karabakh.

Georgia, EU discuss easing of visa regime

The easing of the visa regime between Georgia and the EU has beendiscussed at a meeting of the foreign ministers of the EuropeanUnion's Eastern Partnership member-states in Sopot, Poland, GeorgianState Minister for European integration and Vice Prime Minister GiorgiBaramidze, said the agreement will be signed in June, reports Trend.Representatives of 27 EU countries and the Eastern Partnershipmember-countries meet in Sopot. The meeting also discussed thestrengthening of the EU monitoring mission in Georgia.

The president of Armenia visits Belgium

Serzh Sargsyan will go to belgium on May, 25th-27th, News Armenia reports linking the press service of the president. Meetings with president of EU Herman van Rompo, president of European Comission Jose Manuel Barroso, head representative of the EU in the exterior politics and security Catherine Ashton, We will also meet Anders von Rasmussen, the general secretary of NATO, Stefan Fuehle, the commissioner of the extension and European policy, the trade commissioner Karl de Goecht and Olli Rehn, the financial

Iran informs IAEA on swap deal

Iran outlined to the U.N. nuclear watchdog on Monday a deal to give up some of its enriched uranium, calling it major progress toward resolving a standoff with world powers now pursuing tougher sanctions against Tehran, reports letter signed by Iranian nuclear program chief Ali Akbar Salehi was handed over to International Atomic Energy Agency director-general Yukiya Amano at a 45-minute meeting in Vienna, an Iranian diplomat told reporters.

Karabakh: Elections without alternative

Karabakh: Elections without alternative

Parliamentary elections in the unrecognized republic of Nagorno-Karabakh have once again attracted the attention of the international observers in the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict area.

Swedish embassy to be opened in Georgia

A Swedish embassy will be opened in the near future in the Georgiancapital of Tbilisi, reports Rosbalt.Georgian President MikheilSaakashvili met with Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt on Sundayevening. According to the press service of the Georgian president, themeeting was held in Batumi."The sides discussed the issues of European integration and Georgiaand Sweden's assistance in this direction," the press service said.The statement also said that Saakashvili and Bildt discussed the

Russia confirms territorial integrity of Azerbaijan

Moscow considers that the status of Nagorno-Karabakh can not be determined by means of elections in the region, reports Interfax, citing an official representative of the Foreign Ministry .

European integration issues discussed in Batumi

Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili met with Swedish ForeignMinister Carl Bildt on Sunday evening in Batumi, reports Trend."The sides discussed issues of European integration and the assistanceof Georgia and Sweden in this sphere," the press service said.The press service also said that Saakashvili and Bildt discussed thesituation in Abkhazia and South Ossetia and the role of EU observersin securing stability in the region.Bildt and the Georgian Deputy Prime Minister and State Minister for

Parliementary elections held in unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh

Elections for parliament were held today in the unrecognized republic of Nagorno-Karabakh. They were the fifth in the history of the republic, over 60% took part in the elections. The overall number of voters was 95303.

Ireland: Turkey's membership in EU strengthens positions in Middle East

The Irish Foreign Minister, Michael Martin, stated that the European Union can strengthen its influence in the Middle East and Central Asia by Turkey becoming a member of it, TRT reports.Mr Martin said he believes that a process of expansion will lead to the stability, security and well-beng of Europe.

EU does not accept elections in Nagorno-Karabakh

The parliamentary elections in the self-proclaimed republic of Nagorno-Karabakh are not legitimate, representatives of the European Union have stated, the BBC reports.The elections are to be held this Sunday, on May, 23d

Armenia criticizes the resolution of the European Parliament

All the political forces of Armenia have expressed a negative attitude to the resolution of the European parliament on solving the conflicts in the region, as it contradicts the process of a peaceful resolution of the Karabakh conflict, RIA Novosti reports.

European Commissioner calls on Transcaucasian countries to create modern democratic societies.

Stefan Fühle, the European Commissioner for expansion, thinks it necessary to call on the world community for help in solving the conflicts of the region.

Azerbaijan welcomes UN resolution

The Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry has welcomed the adoption of the UNresolution on "UN strategy in the South Caucasus", based on the reportof the Bulgarian member of the Parliament, Mr. Evgeni Kirilov, reportsTrend, citing the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry.Supporting the EU initiatives on the European Neighbourhood Policy andthe Eastern Partnership, the European Parliament calls for moreintensive participation of the EU in the transformation of the South

Community of the South Caucasus - 2

Community of the South Caucasus - 2

Prospects for projects in the sphere of transport,telecommunications, finance, tourism and Caspian-Black Sea cooperation

European Parliament demanded settlement of frozen South Caucasian conflicts

The EUis implementing the strategy of promoting stability andprosperity in the South Caucasus and settlement of conflicts in theregion. According to APA, citing the parliament’s press-service, thiswas stated in the resolution approved by the EU parliament today.

European Parliament arguments on South Ossetian war report

The European Parliament approves the basic arguments of the reportmade by the independent international commission of the EU headed byHeidi Tagliavini, investigating the circumstances of the SouthOssetian conflict. The report shows that Georgia was the initiator ofthe war in South Ossetia, the resolution made at a plenary session ofthe Supreme Legislative Body of the EU in Strasbourg said, ITAR-TASSreports.

Turkish air forces attack Kurdish militia base

Turkish air forces attacked positions of militants of the Kurdishworkers Party (PKK) in northern Iraq, the General Headquarters of thecountry’s armed forces said, RIA Novosti reports. The air raid in theZap region resulted in 50 targets hit.The PKK has been trying to achieve Kurdish autonomy in south-easternTurkish for a quarter of a century. The conflict has taken the livesof over 40 thousand people. The UN and EU recognize the PKK as aterrorist organization.