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Germany offers visa-free regime with Russia

The chairman of the German-Russian forum, SPD member Matthias Platzek called today the German authorities to mediate between Russia and the West and introduce a partial visa-free regime for Russians. "It is obvious that Angela …

Georgia to receive 250 million euros for reforms

Germany plans to allocate more than 250 million euros for energy, infrastructure and communal reforms in Georgia, the country's Finance Ministry said. The framework agreement on financial cooperation between the governments of …

Kadyrov vows to jail Trump and Merkel

Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov said that he has put sanctions against US President Donald Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel a long time ago. "If they come to our …

US anti-Russia sanctions hurt Germany

Berlin plans to express concern over US sanctions against Russia due to their negative influence on the German industry, German Government Spokesman Steffen Seibert told reporters at a press briefing. “We will …

German town evacuated for WWII bomb removal

The disposal of a World War II bomb has forced some 26,000 residents of the German city of Paderborn to leave their homes on April 8. The bomb is considered "particularly dangerous," as it is located only 80 centimeters under …

Russian tourists did not suffer in Münster

Russians were not injured during the truck crash on a group of people in the center of Münster, Rosturizm reported with a reference to the data of the Situation and Crisis Center of the Russian Foreign Ministry. "According to …

Vehicle crashes into crowd in Germany, killing several

Police in the western German city of Muenster say a vehicle has crashed into a crowd there, killing several people and injuring others, Orlando Sentinel writes. The German news agency dpa has quoted police as saying the driver of that …

Germany's Merkel to visit Trump

German Chancellor Angela Merkel will visit U.S. President Donald Trump on April 27, a senior U.S. official said on Thursday, as differences over a nuclear deal with Iran and trade cast a shadow over the …

German citizen detained in Tbilisi for drug possession

Georgia's Interior Ministry announced the detention of a German citizen for the possession of a large quantity of drugs in Tbilisi. The individual, identified only as L. A. reportedly kept 2644 pills of ecstasy, 323 pills of subutex …