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Referendum in Turkey: Erdogan#039s victory will change the country

Referendum in Turkey: Erdogan's victory will change the country

The political system of Turkey will have see a transformation after the national referendum of September 12. The ruling Justice and Development Party of Recep Tayyip Erdogan has convinced people to approve amendments to the Constitution. The amendments will limit the privileges of the army, reform the court system and give greater powers to parliament.

Iran proposes two more countries to participate in negotiations

Tehran proposes to revise the pattern of negotiations on the settlement of Iran's nuclear problem and add Turkey and Brazil to the six present participating countries (Russia, China, France, USA, United Kingdom and Germany), Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchher Mottaki stated today, RIA Novosti reports."The six" have already demonstrated their unwillingness to negotiate honestly, which is why we need to change the format of the negotiations," the minister said.

Azerbaijani-German negotiations on military cooperation start in Baku

Bilateral negotiations on military cooperation between Azerbaijan andGermany started today in Baku, reports APA, citing the DefenseMinistry's press office. The negotiations will last until September15. There is no information on issues to be discussed. Negotiationsbetween Azerbaijani and German military experts concerning Azerbaijanisystem of military education took place on September 6-9.

Investment forum in Sochi postpones working days

The head of Sochi, Anatoliy Pakhomov, has signed an order postponingworking days due to the International Investment Forum ‘Sochi-2010’being held on September 16-19.Instead of September 16 and 17 people will work on September 11 and25. The decision was made to provide optimal functionality of allfacilities in the city, Interfax reports.Approximately 8,000 people will arrive for the forum, with 2,500 ofthem participating in it.

From Slovenia to Slovakia

From Slovenia to Slovakia

The Russian team has lost home match of European Championship 2012 to its primary competitor for the final round

Iran declares UN sanctions ineffective

Iranian officials have dismissed US sanctions as ineffective, saying that they are finding Asian partners instead, Fars reports. Several Chinese and other Asian firms are negotiating or signing up to oil and gas deals with Iran.

Armenian Expo 2010 opens in Yerevan

ArmenianPremier Tigran Sarkisyan has participated in the opening ofthe 10th anniversary of the universal regional trade-industrialexhibition forum Armenia Expo 2010, which will end on September 5th atthe Sports and Concert Hall. The whole range of Armenian industrialpotential will be seen at the exhibition, Panorama reports.The premier noted that the goal of the exhibition is to organizecontacts between Armenian businessmen. He said that it will includeforums, and round tables to attract investments.

Russia intensifies cooperation with Armenia

However, there are fears that it will lay its hands on the country's wealth

More Armenian tourists arrive in Turkey

Despite the boycott of Turkish routes by some Armenian tourist agencies, more Armenians preferred vacationing in Turkey in 2010 than 2009, reports.In the first 7 months of 2010 Turkey was visited by 15.93 million people, which is 6.67% more than in the same period last year. The main visitors are Germany, followed by Russia (1.793 million people), England and Iran.

Regional Energy Forum in Baku

The First Caucasian Forum on Renewable Energy Sources is to take place on the 7th and 8th of September in Baku. The main organizers of the event are the European Management Academy (Germany) and EVRA International Inc. of the USA, reports The European Commission has also sent the organizers an official letter of support. The experts of the Commission consider the forum a good opportunity for people from the business, science and governmental spheres to develop a common strategy in solving topical problems.

Ahmadinejad to negotiate on enriched uranium exchange

Iranian President Mahmuod Ahmadinejad is ready to negotiate with the five permament members of the UN Security Council (Russia, the USA, France, the UK and China) and Germany concerning the exchange of slightly-enriched uranium for nuclear fuel enriched abroad, reports Trend. It was earlier claimed that negotiations with the US could take place only after sanctions are lifted.

State of Georgian debt is over $546 million.

State of Georgian debt is over $546 million. Georgia's external debt to 17 countries is $546.7 million, including  $17 million to  Azerbaijan. The biggest public credits are those from Germany - $189.7 million, Russia - $117.4 million, Japan - $55.8 million, the USA - $36.8 million, Turkey - $32.9 million, reports PanARMENIAN.Net.In addition Georgia has been given credit by international institutions, amounting to $2532.2 million. At present Georgia's external government debt is $3583.5 million.

North Caucasus Federal District: stake on the youth

North Caucasus Federal District: stake on the youth

Panarin: Is Khloponin’s stake on the young reasonable? Was the recent forum of Caucasus youth just an event, or part of the strategy?

Iran claims not to use euro or dollar

Iran's vice-president, Reza Rahimi, has announced that in response to the new UN sanctions Iran will stop trading in euros or dollars. He explained that Iran can trade with other countries in their own currencies or in the Iranian Rial, reports IranNews.Iran is one of the most economically powerful Muslim countries?in the world today, with trading partners including Japan, China, Germany, Italy, France, Southern Korea, the Netherlands, Taiwan and Russia.10.08.10

Turkey expresses condolences to Russia for fires and offers help

Turkey expresses condolences to Russia for fires and offers help

Turkish Premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan expressed his condolences for the victims of fires to Russian Premier Vladimir Putin in a telephone conversation.

Oil production in paradise

Oil production in paradise

 The benefits of oil production in the Abkhazian sector of the Black Sea offshore area are doubtful, but no protests have been launched yet.

Georgia finds loophole to join the EU (Part 1)

Georgia finds "loophole" to join the EU (Part 1)

Efforts undertaken by the Georgian authorities to join the EU have yielded their first results.

When will the war end for Alan Tatarov?

"Charon" is looking  for the remains of soldiers lost in WWII and people lost in local conflicts."Charon" is an organisation founded by Alan Tatarov to look for the remains of WWII soldiers and then to bury them in honour. Alan Tatarov himself is a professional sociologist and graduate of the University of the North Ossetia, who is concerned about the destiny of the heroes."Charon" has found the remains of over 2000 Soviet soldiers and about 400 Nazis. Alan Tatarov said that the remains of the German soldiers were turned over to Germany to be buried.

UK#039s premier warns not to shut Turkey out

UK's premier warns not to shut Turkey out

Cameron today challenged France and Germany over their opposition to Turkish membership of the EU when he issued a stark warning of the dangers of shutting Ankara "out of the club".In a passionate defence of Turkey, whose EU ambitions have long been championed by Britain, the prime minister accused Paris and Berlin of double standards for expecting Ankara to guard Europe's borders as a Nato member while closing the door to EU membership.

Germany urges world to halt military supplies to Iran

Germany has called on the international community to refrain from supplying military equipment to Iran, Interfax reports, citing Germany's state minister.The statement also said that the recently adopted UN Security Council's resolution on Iran "demonstrates that the growing worries over the Iranian nuclear program unite us with Russia."

Ingush judo-players at the European youth competition

Ingush judo-players at the European youth competition

Three Ingush judoists represented Russia.

Germany expects to expand economic relations with Kazakhstan

Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel is on a visit to Kazakhstan. She was welcomed at the airport by Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Karim Massimov, and the Minister of Economic Development, Gruzia Online reports.The German delegation is attending a business-forum, in which 400 representatives of the business community are expected to take part. The Federal Chancellor of Germany is also going to meet the President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev.

Russian and Brazilian diplomats discuss Iranian nuclear programme

The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Ryabkov and Brazilian Ambassador Karlos Antonio da Rosa Paranos discussed Iran's nuclear programme in Moscow on Friday, reports the Foreign Ministry's Information and Press Department. «Several issues of a bilateral character, including scheduling Russian-Brazilian contacts for the current period and Iran's nuclear programme, were discussed», reports RIA-NOVOSTI, citing the ministry.

German-Azerbaijani economic forum in Baku

An official delegation of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology of Germany will visit Azerbaijan on 18th and 23rd July, Trend reports, citing the information of the German-Azerbaijani economic unity organisation (DAWF). The main event of the visit is the 11th economic forum, to be held in Baku on July 19th.

Azerbaijani servicemen attending NATO drills in Crimea

 The "Sea Breeze 2010" Ukraine-NATO joint drills began today in Crimea, APA reports. Servicemen from Azerbaijan, Greece, Georgia, Denmark, Moldova, Turkey, the US, Germany, Belgium and Poland will attend the exercises as well. The main purpose of the drills is preparation for international operations against sea smuggling. The training will last until July 23.?The "Sea Breeze" exercises are not being held?by decision of Ukraine's Supreme Rada.

Egypt considers possibility of gas supply by Nabucco

Egypt is considering the possibility of connecting the Pan-Arab gas pipeline to the Nabucco pipeline, to supply its own gas by this route, the Oil Minister of Egypt, Samih Fahmi Amin, told Trend in Baku.

An Eighth chion

An Eighth champion

After the second semi-final between Germany and Spain the world awaits an eighth champion

European World Chion

European World Champion

The last obstacle to a European side lifting the 2010 World Cup was a good side, but not the continent’s strongest. Uruguay has lifted the World Cup twice, but the last time was in 1950.

Role of Germany in EU South Caucasus policy discussed in Berlin

The policy of the EU in South Caucasus was discussed in Berlin, Trend reports, citing the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry. The document was prepared by the German community of foreign policy (DGAP). The head of the community's Otto Wolf institute, the deputy head of the social-democratic fraction of Bundestag, the former state secretary of the German Foreign Ministry, Gernot Erler, and the special envoy of the ministry, Patricia Flor, as well as others participated in the discussions.

Khloponin proposes scrapping VAT for domestic flights

The government should lift valued added tax for flights in Russia, vice-premier and the president’s envoy to the North Caucasian Federal District, Alexander Khloponin, said on Thursday, RIA Novosti reports. The measure would reduce the cost of flights by 20%, he said. Khloponin pointed out that VAT meant it was often cheaper to fly from Moscow to Germany than from Moscow to certain Caucasus regions.