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Iran is incensed by airports refusing to fuel its airplanes

Iran willnot fuel planes on its territory that belong to the countries that refuse to fuel Iranian planes, according to the member of the Iranian parliamentary commission for national security and exterior policy, Khishmatulla Falakhatpishe, Trend reports, citing ISNA.He added that the planes of countries such as the UK, Germany, and the United Arab Emirates often carry out transit flights through Iran and that they should remember about the actions Iran may take in response.

Airports stop fueling Iranian airplanes

The airports of UK, Germany and United Arab Emirates stopped fuelingairplanes belonging to Iranian air companies due to new sanctionsagainst Iran, reports, citing The Iraniansecretary of the air company guild, Mehdi Aliyari, said that theairplanes are either fueled in Iran or carry out forced landings inother countries.

Russo-Iranian alert partnership (Part 1)

Russo-Iranian "alert partnership" (Part 1)

Russo-Iranian "alert partnership" (Part 1)Many different events have taken place in the history of Russo-Iranian relations, both positive and negative. However, the parties have always sensed and been aware of each other's significance.Historical facts

Turkey bans discos after midnight

The Turkish Ministry of Environmental and Forest Protection hasforbidden "noisy" events and discos after midnight, reports,citing Turkish media. Minister Veysel Eroglu said that tourists hadcomplained about noise at night.

Israel ready to swap 1000 Palestinian prisoners for Shalit

Israeli Premier Benjamin Netanyahu confirmed on Thursday that Tel Avivwas ready to exchange 1000 Palestinian prisoners for the Israelicaptive soldier Gilad Shalit, RIA Novosti reports.Negotiations on exchanging 23-year old Shalit, who has been held forseveral years by Palestinian militants, have been held under themediation of Germany and Egypt, but face a stalemate after Israelcalled demands release the heads of Palestinian groups excessive.

FIFA apologizes

FIFA apologizes

FIFA President Sepp Blatter has apologized to the English and Mexican football associations, which were harmed by refereeing errors in their second round matches of the football World Cup in South Africa.

Russian tourism expands its office network

By 2011 Russian tourism will have opened offices in Turkey, Egypt andChina, according to deputy chief of the federal agency for tourism,Alexander Radkov, RIA Novosti reports.According to Radkov, the Russian tourist market is seeing a greatrise, tourist numbers this year exceed the record of 2008. Statisticsshow a 20% increase compared to 2009.

Iran to clarify conditions for continuing negotiations

Tehran will tell the international community next week about the conditions for continuing negotiations on an Iranian nuclear program settlement with the mediators (Russia, China, USA, France, UK, Germany), Fars reports, citing Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.Ahmadinejad said that UN Security Council is an unjust structure that must be replaced. He said that they are ready to continue talks with the six mediators, adding that Tehran wants its opponents to recognize the new resolution as a mistake.

Armenia develops relations with Germany and EU

The visit of Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan to Germany was animportant event in developing relations between Germany and Armenia,Angela Merkel said, reports.Merkel gave a positive rating to the reforms in Armenia. She said thatthe countries plan to simplify the visa regime and emphasized thateconomic aspects play a key role in the countries’ relations.

Dagestani renewable energy

Dagestani renewable energy

Alternative energy sources will solve problems of ecology and unemployment and will increase life quality.

Armenian president heads to Germany

Armenian president Serzh Sargsyan will begin a three-day working visit to Germany today. The main issue of the talks is expected to be political and economic cooperation between the states, Armenia Today reports.During the visit, Serzh Sargsyan will hold meetings with high-ranking German officials and top industrial management.

Gazprom discusses terms for GDF Suez, EdF to join pipeline projects

The head of Gazprom, Alexey Miller, discussed the terms for Frenchcompanies GDF Suez and EdF to take part in the 'Nord Stream' and'South Stream' projects, RIA Novosti reports, citing a statement bythe Russian energy giant.

UN Security Council introduces Iranian sanctions

The UN Security Council passed a resolution on new sanctions againstIran on Wednesday, due to Iran’s refusal to stop uranium enrichment,Reuters reports.12 Security Council members voted for the resolution, Turkey andBrazil voted against, Lebanon abstained.The document was developed based on a US project. It was amended basedon the opinions of the six mediators in the Iranian nuclear programsettlement (Russia, the USA, China, France, UK and Germany) andnon-permanent Security Council members.

Georgia owes over $3 billion to creditors

The total Georgian external debt for state credit guarantees as of May 31st this year reached $3.448 billion, Rosbalt reports, citing the Georgian Ministry of Finance.

Football rebellion

The Sport-Express daily says that some First Division clubs are in favor of a withdrawal from the Professional Football League (PFL).

Resolution project on Iran approved

The resolution project of the Security Council of UN on Iran has beenapproved, RIA Novosti reports, citing a high-ranking diplomatic sourcein Moscow.The date of the document’s applicability is unclear. The sourceemphasized that the resolution does not exclude a constructivedialogue with Iran.The project of possible new sanctions against Iran was discussed bythe six mediators of the settlement of the Iranian nuclear program(Russia, USA, China, France, UK and Germany).

Football rebellion

Football rebellion

The Sport-Express daily says that some First Division clubs are in favor of a withdrawal from the Professional Football League (PFL)

Flotilla Crisis

Flotilla Crisis

The situation around the "Flotilla" worsened US-Turkish relations

New sanctions against Iran may be approved next week - White House

The US hopes that the UN Security Council will consider and approvenew sanctions against Iran nest week, the official spokesman of theWhite House Robert Gibbs said, RIA Novosti reports.The situation around Iran complicated after Iranian President MahmoudAhmadinejad declared on February 11th that Tehran had produced itsfirst batch of 20% enriched uranium and had the potential to producemore higher enriched uranium. He also denied accusations of nucleararms development.

Georgia votes for Saakashvili#039s team

Georgia votes for Saakashvili's team

An important factor in the defeat of the opposition was the figure of the mayor of Tbilisi, Giga Ugulava. 

Extraordinary session of UN Security Council on the "Freedom Flotilla" incident

An extraordinary session of the UN Security Council is taking place today, devoted to the capture of the international flotilla heading for Israel with about 10 thousand tons of humanitarian supplies, RIA Novosti reports. The precise time of the meeting is not yet known. There were 10 ships in the "Freedom flotilla" captured by the Israeli navy. Last Sunday they departed from Cyprus to break the blockade of the Gaza strip. There were 600 human rights activists on board, the majority of them Turkish.

Ceremonial Georgia

Ceremonial Georgia

New partners of Russia did not protest against construction of the memorial in honor of soldiers who fought Russia.

Russia supports the dialogue of the ‘Six’ and Iran

Russia calls for a dialogue of the ‘Six’ international mediators(Russia, the USA, China, France, UK and Germany) on the Iraniannuclear program settlement with Tehran, the official spokesman ofRussian Foreign Ministry Andrey Nesterenko said in his commentspublished on the ministry’s website on Tuesday.

Karabakh: Elections without alternative

Karabakh: Elections without alternative

Parliamentary elections in the unrecognized republic of Nagorno-Karabakh have once again attracted the attention of the international observers in the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict area.

Rahim Chahkiev: Did you ever want to hang up your gloves

Rahim Chahkiev: "Did you ever want to hang up your gloves"

Our VK correspondent had a conversation with the Beijing Olympic Champion in boxing, Rahim Chahkiev, who recently arrived in Ingushetia to have some rest between hard matches.- Rahim, recently you won your fifth prize-fight against professional Slovak boxer Slavomir Selitskii, scoring a knockout in the second minute of the first round. Do you know that Ingushetia roots for you?- Thank you. The support of my compatriots is very important to me.

Brazil, Turkey to participate in Iran Six talks

Brazil, Turkey to participate in Iran Six talks

Brazil and Turkey are willing to participate in Iran Six (the fivepermanent members of UN Security Council plus Germany) on the Iraniannuclear issue, France Press reported on Tuesday, citing the foreignpolicy advisor to the Brazilian president.On Monday, the foreign ministers of Iran, Brazil and Turkey signed anagreement on the exchange of Tehran's low-enriched (3.5%) uranium forhighly-enriched (to 20%) fuel for Tehran's science research reactor.

Turkey considers no need for sanctions against Iran

Turkey considers that there are no reasons for implementing newsanctions against Iran, due to the signing of a uranium-exchangeagreement, reports Reuters."The uranium exchange deal, which was signed this morning,demonstrates the willingness of Teheran for constructive dialogue.There are no grounds for new sanctions," - said Turkish ForeignMinister Ahmet Davutoglu.Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called on six world powers forfresh talks on Iran's nuclear program."It is time for the 5+1 coun

Iran hails Turkish support for diplomacy

Iran hails Turkish support for diplomacy

Speaker of the Iranian Parliament Ali Larijani has praised Turkey for supporting a diplomatic solution on Iran's nuclear activities, Trend reported.

Russian, Ukrainian and Belarus presidents unveil monoment in honor of WW II hero-cities

Russian, Ukrainian and Belarus presidents unveil monoment in honor of WW II hero-cities

A monument in honor of heroic cities of WW II was unveiled in the Alexander Garden near the Kremlin, launching the celebrations of the 65th anniversary of Victory Day, reports RIA Novosti.

OMV welcomes the agreement between Turkey and Azerbaijan on gas

The Austrian oil and gas company OMV, the operator of the Nabuccopipeline project, believes that the agreement achieved between the two countries will provide the European project with about 10 billion cubic meters of Azeri gas annually, stated OMV general director Wolfgang Ruttenstorfer, Trend reports citing the Energy Intelligence Group. Construction of the pipeline will start in 2011. Construction will cost about 1.9 billion euros. It will be able to transit 31