Iran and Saudi Arabia

Saudi guards fire on Iranian boat, killing fisherman

Saudi border guards have opened fire on an Iranian fishing boat in the Gulf, killing a fisherman, Iran's Tasnim news agency said on Saturday, amid high tension between the two rival states, Reuters reported. "Two Iranian boats …

 Iran and Saudi Arabia discuss Hajj

A Saudi minister held talks with an Iranian delegation in the city of Jeddah about the possibility of Iranian pilgrims rejoining the annual Hajj. The kingdom’s minister in charge of pilgrimages, Mohammed …

Zarif: Iran can cooperate with Saudi

Iran and Saudi Arabia should be able to work together to help end conflicts in Syria and Yemen, after successfully cooperating over Lebanon last year, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said at the World …

Iran and Saudi Arabia to discuss Hajj

An Iranian delegation will visit Saudi Arabia on February 23 to discuss the issue of Hajj with Saudi officials. The Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s representative on Hajj Affairs Ali Qazi …

Saudi court sentences 15 people to death for spying

A Saudi court sentenced 15 people to death for spying for Iran, Saudi-owned al-Arabiya television reported. The 15 were among 32 people — comprising 30 Saudi Shia Muslims, one Iranian and an Afghan — who were detained in …