Iran arrests six for Zumba dancing

Iranian officials have arrested six people accused of teaching Zumba dancing and trying to "change lifestyles", media reports say. The group of four men and two women were charged over their dancing and not adhering to the hijab dress …

Azerbaijan celebrates Ramadan Holiday

Today Azerbaijan marks the Ramadan holiday. Many thousands of Muslims are making festive prayers in the mosques of the country. The holy month of Ramadan was sent down for the Muslims in the second year of Hegira (AD 622). Ramadan …

Kabardino-Balkaria to help pilgrims with Hajj

In Kabardino-Balkaria (KBR), an organizing committee will be established to assist pilgrims in the Hajj to the Islamic shrines of Mecca and Medina in 2017. The corresponding order was signed by the head of the republic, Yuri Kokov. The …

Dagestan's Hajj quota revealed

6 thousand residents of Dagestan will be able to travel for Hajj this year, region's committee on religious affairs reported. "This is the same quota as last year," the report said. …