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The Turkic bridge

The Turkic bridge

Kazakhstan and Turkey will increase trade turnover five-fold

Kazakhstan in the fate of the deported nations of the North Caucasus - 2

Kazakhstan in the fate of the deported nations of the North Caucasus - 2

A speech given by Alexei Vlasov, the head editor of the VK at the history forum of the CIS Now, February the 23rd is a memorable date not only for Chechens but also for the Kazakhs, who had become brothers to the incomers.

Technical orders to be formed within Customs Union

A common set of technical regulations will be formed by Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan within the Customs Union, RIA Novosti reports, citing first deputy of the Belarus state committee on standardizing Victor Nazarenko at a parliamentary commission in Minsk.Nazarenko pointed out that the orders will not be applied in the countries of EurAzEC, where new technical regulations are being developed.

PA of CSTO in Yerevan

The first visiting session of the Council of the Parliamentary Assembly of the CSTO (Collective Security Treaty Organization) will take place in Yerevan on Monday in the building of the National Assembly of Armenia, News Armenia reports, citing the parliamentary press-service.The session will be headed by the chairman of the Russian State Duma, chairman of the PA of the CSTO Boris Gryzlov. Parliamentary delegations from Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia and Tajikistan will participate in the assembly.

Monument to Kazakhstan's Nazarbayev to be built in Ankara

A monument to Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev will be built in Ankara, Turkish President Abdullah Gul said, Interfaz-Kazakhstan reports.

Monument to Nazarbayev to be erected in Ankara

A monument to the president of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, willbe built in Ankara, Turkish President Abdulla Gul said in Astana todayin his speech to the students of Kazakh-Turkish lyceum 'Nur-Orda', VKreports.

World Bank to give loans to Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan

The World Bank's Council of directors has approved the extension ofloans to Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan for the implementation of projectsaimed at overcoming the global financial crisis and the development ofinfrastructure. The total amount of allotted loans is estimated at $1.17 billion, reports ITAR-TASS.The official statement of the World Bank says that the 25-year loan toKazakhstan proves the "high level of credibility in Kazakh politicaland economic reforms". The funds will be spent on budget deficiency

Kazakhstan and Turkey may revive the Silk Route

Kazakhstan and Turkey may revive the Silk Route

Kazakhstan and Turkey may revive the Silk Route in Eurasia, TurkishPresident Abdullah Gul said, reports Interfax.

Armenian central bank head to visit Kazakhstan

The head of the Central Bank of Armenia, Artur Dzhavadyan, will arrivein Almaty on Wednesday to take part in the 23rd meeting of the headsof the central banks of Central Asian, the Black Sea region and Balkanregion states, reports Armenia Today.The club's session will see a discussion of the following issues: "Thedevelopment of regional financial cooperation providing for regionalfinancial stability and prosperity", "Monetary and credit regimes

Turkey to invest $400mln in Kazakhstan

Turkey to invest $400mln in Kazakhstan

Turkey will invest more than $400mln in the Kazakh economy, Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbaev, reports ITAR-TASS.

Turkey ready for cooperation with Kazakhstan in sphere of education

Turkey supports all kinds of cooperation with Kazakhstan in theeducational sphere, Turkish president Abdullah Gul said during hisvisit to Kazakhstan, reports ITAR-TASS.Gul visited the Kazakh-Turkish university named in honor of HadzhiAhmed Yassau in the city of Turkestan with Kazakh leader NursultanNayarbaze.The Turkish leader expressed pride at Kazakhstan's intention todevelop political stability, implement economic reforms and supporteducation. He said the university confirms to international standards

Kazakhstan ratifies agreement on joint investment security with Armenia

Kazakhstan has ratified a bilateral agreement with Armenia on thejoint promotion and security of investments, reports Armenia Today.The agreement aims to provide an increase in mutual investments anddevelop the investment security sphere. It was signed on November 6,2006.

Astana hosts Kazakh-Turkish business forum

Astana hosts Kazakh-Turkish business forumMore than 300 companies are taking part in a two-day Kazakh-Turkishbusiness forum in Astana, which opened today, reports a Kazakhcorrespondent of "Vestnik Kavkaza".The first day of the forum will see presentation of Kazakhopportunities in sphere of high-tech industries development.According to official information, the heads of Kazakhstan and Turkey- Nursultan Nazarbaev and Abdulla Gul, will take attend the forum onMay 25.

Turkish President visits Kazakhstan

Turkish President visits Kazakhstan

Abdullah Gül, the president of Turkey, has arrived in Kazakhstan on a 4-day official visit. Nursultan Nazarbayev, the Kazakh president, met him at the airport, KAzTag reports.

Suggestion to create society of experts from Russia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan at conference in Moscow

At the international conference "Social and economic development of the South Caucasus' countries: problems and perspectives" in Moscow there was a suggestion to create a society of experts from Russia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. It was suggested by representatives of the civil community.

International conference "Social and economic development of the South Caucasus' countries: problems and perspectives" in Moscow

The international scientific and practical conference "Social and economic development of the South Caucasus' countries: problems and perspectives" took place in the President hotel in Moscow. The organizers of the event were the Faculty of History of Moscow State University, the information and analytical agency "Vestnik Kavkaza", the Russian State University of the Humanities, the Centre for topical research "Alternative" (Kazakhstan) and the Centre of Strategic Research for the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Kazakhstan loses oil-processing refinery construction contract in Ceyhan

Kazakhstan loses oil-processing refinery construction contract in Ceyhan

Kazakhstan has missed out on constructing an oil-processing refinery in Ceyhan, an anonymous source of VK reports.

Putin calls for Customs Union expansion

Russian Premier Vladimir Putin has urged an expansion of the CustomsUnion by allowing other members of EurAsEC (Eurasian EconomicCommunity) to join. He made the declaration in St. Petersburg onFriday, RIA Novosti reports.The Customs Union consists of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan are also members of EurAsEC. Armenia,Moldavia and Ukraine are observer countries.

Azerbaijan is still open for dialogue with Armenia

Azerbaijan is still open for dialogue with Armenia, despite thecomplicated situation in the South Caucasus, the head of thedepartment of political analysis and information of the Azerbaijanipresidential administration, Elnur Aslanov, told an internationalpractical science conference, ITAR-TASS reports.

Kazakh doubts the expediency of building Georgian grain port

The expensive supply of Kazakh grain to Georgia by rail is creatingdoubts about the construction of a grain terminal in one of thecountry’s ports, managing director on external economic activities ofProdkorporatsiya, Daulet Uvashov, told VK.He said that the expense of exporting grain through Georgia comes fromhigh railroad tariffs in Russia, Azerbaijan and Georgia itself.

Kazakh oil companies discuss waste utilization issues

Kazakhstan can create its own market to utilize manufacturing waste,the chairman of the Association of Oil Companies KAZENERGY, TimurKulibayev, said in his opening speech at a forum in Atyrau today, theassociation’s press-service told VK.They will find out about the best technologies to utilize waste usedby companies and draw on the experience of small Kazakh companies.This shows that small and medium business is becoming familiar withthe market, Kulibayev said.

Community of the South Caucasus - 1

How to create conditions for new models of cooperation in the Caucasus unlike the ones of the past?

Armenia in 52nd position in world growth index

Armenia is in 52nd place out of 125 other countries according to acomparative analysis of the World Economic Forum (WEF) on stimulationof world commerce for 2010.

Nazarbayev orders opening of Kazakh-Kyrgyz border on May 20th

Kazakhstan will open its border to Kyrgyzstan on May 20th, accordingto state TV channel Khabar, Interfax reports.They lifted the border-ban on the crossing points of Korday, SapatayBatyr and Aysha-bibi.Kazakhstan implemented border limitations on the border withKyrgyzstan after the events of April 7-8, ending with the change ofpower in Bishkek and president Kurmanbek Bakiyev’s escape from thecountry.

All-Russia practical science conference in Grozny

The All-Russia practical science conference in Chechnya's StateUniversity, dedicated to the 65th anniversary of victory over Nazism,started today Grozny-Inform reports.The forum organizers were the government of Chechnya and the ChechenAcademy of Science. Among the participants are scientists, historians,spokesmen from ministries and agencies, Higher Education teachers andstaff from science-research institutes, as well as museums of Moscow,St. Petersburg and the North Caucasus republics.

Kazakh oil and gas equipment makers are ready to cooperate with near abroad

The creation of joint-ventures or alliances, primarily with well-knownmanufacturers from former Soviet republics is important for thedevelopment of Kazakh oil and gas equipment production, a KazMunayGazspokesman told VK.He believes that joint ventures will allow nearby republics to enterthe Kazakh market. Azerbaijan, Tatarstan, and Bashkiria specialized inthe production of oil and gas equipment and engineering, even theSoviet times, Bolat Tashmetov said.

The president of Turkey visiting Kazakhstan

Trend reports that the Turkish president will pay an official visit to Kazakhstan, citing the words of Askar Abdrahmanov, an official representative of the Foreign Ministry of Kazakhstan.The visit of Abdullah Gül is planned for May 23rd-26th. He will meet the president of the republic, Nursultan Nayarbazev, and the speaker of the Kazakh Mejlis, Ural Muhamedjanov. Some agreements will be signed. 

TurkPA and OSCE PA to establish closer cooperation

The Turkic-speaking countries' Parliamentary Assembly (TurkPA)Secretary-General, Ramil Hasanov, noted that the organization intendsto cooperate with the influential international organisation during ameeting with the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe'sParliamentary Assembly (PA) Secretary-General Spencer Oliver, reportsTrend.Spencer Oliver pointed out possible directions of cooperation with theOSCE PA and projects that may be implemented jointly with the TurkPA.A decision was made to

Paata Kalandadze: Kazakhstan has no desire to reclaim its investments back from Georgia

Paata Kalandadze: "Kazakhstan has no desire to reclaim its investments back from Georgia"

Kazakhstan and Georgia intend to increase relations, not reduce them.

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development estimates Armenia's GDP growth at 3% in 2011

 According to the prognosis of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the GDP of Armenia will grow about 3% in 2011 and 10% in 2010. RIA Novosti writes that the GDP growth of Russia …