North Caucasus

Vyacheslav Mikhailov: "I see positive interethnic dynamics in North Caucasus"

One of the developers of the professional standard, the ex-minister of the Russian Federation for Nationalities, a member of the Presidential Council on Interethnic Relations, the head of the Department of National and Federative Relations of IPACS RANEPA, Vyacheslav Mikhailov, told about the current state of interethnic, migration and national processes in Russia

Love, North Caucasus style

In the North Caucasus, traditional and modern expectations of relationships are more chequered than a patchwork quilt. Here’s how young couples negotiate them

North Caucasus sets course for stability and consolidation

Despite the multi-vector development and interests of the North Caucasus republics, in terms of inter-ethnic relations they set course for the stabilization and consolidation of the population, a member of the Presidential Council for Interethnic …

Floods in North Caucasus

The North and South Caucasus has been flooded for two days. HydroMetCenterher has recently reported that heavy rains, hail and mud descents were expected on June 4-5th in the North Caucasus Federal District and …

‘Multinational Russia’ exhibtion.

The multimedia exhibition project ‘Multinational Russia’  organized by the Federal Agency for the Affairs of Nationalities with support from the VDNH is being held in celebration of National Unity Day in VDNH pavilion number 71 …