North Korea and US

CIA names biggest threats to US

Terrorism and North Korea are most immediate threats the US in a long term, CIA Director Mike Pompeo said. "North Korea is relatively low-probability, but massive liability risk. The terrorist threat today is …

US slams North Korea 'provocation'

US Defense Secretary James Mattis slammed North Korea's test launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile as a "provocation". "We (are) right now dealing with this very serious escalation, …

North Korea stages largest ever drill - media

North Korea has staged its largest ever military drill to mark the founding of the country's army, the South Korean military said. The live-fire exercises were in the Wonsan region in the east of the country Tuesday afternoon. …

North Korea says ready to strike U.S. aircraft carrier

North Korea said on Sunday it was ready to sink a U.S. aircraft carrier to demonstrate its military might, as two Japanese navy ships joined a U.S. carrier group for exercises in the western Pacific. "Our revolutionary forces are …