North Korea and US

North Korea threaten US with 'nuclear button'

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un used his New Year’s Day address to warn the US not to test him while striking a softer tone with South Korea, saying newly perfected nuclear capabilities mean he can launch a nuclear strike …

 Will Russia keep peace between US and North Korea?

Russia is ready to act as a mediator between the United States and North Korea, but the conflicting sides should give their consent to this, Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov said. "Russia is ready if both sides need …

US prepares more sanctions on North Korea

US President Donald Trump put North Korea back on a list of state sponsors of terrorism, a designation that allows the United States to impose more sanctions and risks inflaming tensions over Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons and …

Kremlin: Trump agree with Putin on North Korea

US President Donald Trump's statements that the US-Russian cooperation can resolve North Korea’s nuclear issue correspond with the stance of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Presidential spokesman Dmitry …