Russia and Syria

Trump's Red Lines in Syria

The United States has moved its High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) into southern Syria for the first time

Russian Muslims to help Syrians

Central Muslim Spiritual Directorate of Russia will help Syrians, who suffered during the civil war, Talgat Tajuddin, Chief Mufti of Russia and head of the Directorate, said.  "This year, donations of …

 ISIS hydra beheaded - what's next?

The destruction of the ISIS terrorist group’s leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was an obvious success and will serve as another factor in squeezing the territory occupied by the group, but still it will not lead to its disintegration and automatic destruction, the experts said. speaking to Vestnik Kavkaza.

 Moscow saved from transport terror attack

Russia’s federal security service FSB has detained four members of the outlawed terrorist organization ISIS in Moscow for plotting terrorist attacks at transport facilities. The FSB’s public relations center said that on May …

Moscow, Tehran and Damascus condemn US actions

Moscow, Damascus and Tehran agree that the US strike on Syria was an act of aggression, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said following talks with his Syrian and Iranian counterparts. "We held important …