Russia and Turkey

Russian girl discharged from hospital in Antalya

12-year-old girld from Russia, hit by a truck in Turkish province of Antalya, did not suffer serious injuries and has already been discharged from the hospital, Russian Consulate General in Antalya said. "She was examined in a …

Truck hits Russian girl in Antalya

A Russian 12-yearold girl was taken to hospital in Turkey’s Antalya as a truck hit her on the road, Russian Consulate General in Antalya said on Sunday, TASS reports. "The Russian girl was taken to hospital," the source …

 Gazprom to build Turkish Stream at its own expense

Investment in the Turkish Stream gas pipeline project are estimated at $6 bln, the project can be implemented only at the expense of Gazprom, Deputy Chairman of Gazprom Management Committee Andrey Kruglov said at a press …

 Seven-year-old Russian girl dies in Turkey’s Antalya

A seven-year-old Russian girl died after she fell off a hotel’s balcony in the Mediterranean province of Antalya, Doğan News Agency reported. Mirra Boraday had come to Turkey from Russia with her family to spend their holiday in …