Russian gas and oil

Gazprom 'leaves' Turkish internal market - media

Gazprom group may leave the Turkish internal market already this year, as Gazprombank is at a final stage to sell Promak, which controls Energo and Avrasya, importers of Russian gas to Turkey, Kommersant business daily reported Wednesday citing …

 Gazprom to build Turkish Stream at its own expense

Investment in the Turkish Stream gas pipeline project are estimated at $6 bln, the project can be implemented only at the expense of Gazprom, Deputy Chairman of Gazprom Management Committee Andrey Kruglov said at a press …

Europe stands up for Russian gas pipelines to US

Europe is displeased with the US pressure on European companies that partake in development of energy supplies to Europe, Austria’s Chancellor Christian Kern said at the Austrian World Summit. According …

Russia wants 'ironclad guarantees' on Turkish Stream

Russia counts on the European Union's ironclad guarantees on the Turkish Stream pipeline project's second leg, given the disappointing experience of the South Stream project, Russia's Deputy Foreign Minister Alexei …

Belarus pays off gas debt to Gazprom

Belarus has paid off in full a debt of $726.2 million for gas deliveries in 2016 and 2017, Russian gas giant Gazprom said in a statement. "The Belarusian side repaid in full, in the amount of $ 726.2 million, its debt to Gazprom …