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Iran refuses to allow US senator Kelly to visit

The chairman of the Iranian commission on national security and foreign policy, Alaeddin Borujerdi, has rejected a request by US senator John Kelly to visits Tehran, Iran News reports.Borujerdi said the senator has expressed a wish to hold negotiations with the Iranian officials, but would not be allowed into the Islamic Republic due to US policies on Iran.He also said that despite US President Barack Obama's promises of a US-Iranian rapprochement, ties had worsened between Washington and Tehran.

International conference on Afghanistan starts in Kabul

Representatives of over 70 countries and international organizations, as well as 49 foreign ministers are in Kabul for a conference on Afghanistan. It is expected that Afghan ethnicity, the country's development and recovery, the prevention of ethnic disputes, and the development of civic organizations are to be discussed, reports TRT.

Iranian authorities 'transferred billions via German bank'

Iranian authorities used a small German bank to transfer billions of dollars to various structures connected with Tehran's military programmes, in particular, nuclear and missile programmes, reports the Wall Street Journal, referring to …

Ahmadinejad accuses US, Pakistan of supporting terrorism

Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad accused the US and Pakistan of supporting terrorism on Iranian territory. He claimed that American forces located in Pakistan and Afghanistan gave backing to terrorist acts such as a recent deadly explosion in south-west Iran's Zahedan which killed 28 people. He also said Pakistаn was "accountable."

Natik Rasulzade: “A writer should cater only for himself”

Natik Rasulzade: “A writer should cater only for himself”

Sequel to the interview with the Honoured Art Worker and holder of the “Shokhrat” (Glory) order, one of the most popular writers not only in Azerbaijan, but in the whole of Europe, Natik Rasulzade.-What are your childhood memories?

Iran and Egypt create joint bank

The head of the International Financial Iranian Company (IFIC), Sehid Rezavi, declared that Iran and Egypt will for the first time create a joint bank in Teheran,

Iran threatens to sanction enterprises that refuse to fulfil contracts

The head of the Iranian Oil Ministry, Massud Mirkazemi, declared today that Iran will take retaliatory measures against foreign companies that break contracts with the Islamic Republic after the introduction of international sanctions,

Mediators call on Armenia and Azerbaijan to continue negotiations

The OSCE Minsk group founders (Russia, USA and France) urged Armenia and Azerbaijan to compromise on the Nagorno-Karabakh issue,

Meeting of Azerbaijani and Armenian Foreign Ministers starts in Alma Ata

Meeting of Azerbaijani and Armenian Foreign Ministers started today in Alma Ata in the framework of the informal summit of OSCE Foreign Ministers.

Russian and Brazilian diplomats discuss Iranian nuclear programme

The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Ryabkov and Brazilian Ambassador Karlos Antonio da Rosa Paranos discussed Iran's nuclear programme in Moscow on Friday, reports the Foreign Ministry's Information and Press Department. «Several issues of a bilateral character, including scheduling Russian-Brazilian contacts for the current period and Iran's nuclear programme, were discussed», reports RIA-NOVOSTI, citing the ministry.

US president condemns terrorist act in Iran

US president Barack Obama has roundly condemned the terrorist acts in Iran. «I strongly condemn the deplorable terrorist act near a mosque in south-eastern Iran. Killing people in a house of prayer is an unforgivable crime and those who commited it must be prosecuted», Obama said, according to RIA-NOVOSTI.

Negotiations on joint control of Inguri HEP are broken off

A memorandum with RAO EUS of Russia on joint control of the Inguri Hydroelectric Plant could be rescinded. The negotiations between the Georgian Energy Ministry and the Russian company have been broken off. The Ministry claims that the German side started financing the reconstruction of two aggregates, reports Business Georgia. Mariam Valishvili, first Deputy Energy Minister claimed that negotiations with RAO EUS is not of interest, and the RAO EUS also is not interested in the agreement.

Iraq does not control areas of Kurdish terrorist concentration

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iraq, Hoshiyar Zebari, claimed that most members of the terrorist organization the PKK, whose extradition is demanded by Turkey, are situated in areas that are out of the control of the Iraqi government, reports TRT.

Death toll in Iran attack reaches 27

The number of people killed in a terrorist attack in Iran's Zakhidan has reached 27, Iranian Minister of Healthcare Marziya Dastjerdi said, Trend reports, citing MEHR. She added that 270 people were injured in the explosion, 11 of them were gravely injured. The head of the Sistan and Beludjistan provinces, Ali Muhammed Azad, reported that 22 people were killed and 160 wounded.

Explosion in Iranian Zakhenad kills 22

A terrorist attack in Zakhedan, south-east of Iran, killed 22 people and injured 160, the head of the Sistan-Beludjistan province, Ali Mohammed Azad, said, Trend reports, citing Iranian media.

Russo-Iranian alert partnership(part3)

Russo-Iranian "alert partnership"(part3)

Many different events have taken place in the history of Russo-Iranian relations, both positive and negative. However, the parties have always sensed and been aware of each other’s significance.Political and security facts

Georgia will not let Russia enter WTO

Georgia has not changed its position over Russia's possible joining the World Trade Organization (WTO), the Georgian premier Nika Gilauri commented on rumors that Washington promises Russia help in this issue, Business Georgia reports.According to him the issue was not on the agenda of talks with the US State Secretary Hillary Clinton, and the official demands of Tbilisi remain in force.

The World Cup in South Africa

The World Cup in South Africa

The first World Cup held on the African continent has become history.

Iranian scientist free to leave US - Clinton

The US insists that an Iranian nuclear scientist who has turned up in the country is there voluntarily and is free to leave. The state department rejected claims by Tehran that Shahram Amiri, who surfaced at a Pakistani embassy building, had been detained by US agents, the BBC reports.Mr Amiri vanished more than a year ago. In June, three videos apparently showing him - and containing contradictory information on his whereabouts - emerged.

Sanctions against Iran don't affect its oil and gas sector

The economic sanctions implemented by the US against Iran haven't affected the development of its oil and gas industries, Iranian oil minister Masud Mirkazemi said following a joint statement with his Russian counterparts, Interfax reports. Russian

Armenia asks for another loan

The executive committee of the Armenian non-governmental fund "Millennium Challenge - Armenia" has applied to the US corporation Millennium Challenge for another loan of $8.5 million, Prime-Tass reports.The US government is going to increase financing of an irrigation system renovation program in Armenia by 75%.

Oil policy in the Caspian region (Part 2)

Oil policy in the Caspian region (Part 2)

The literature devoted to oil issues in Azerbaijan can be divided into two categories. The first group is constituted by Azerbaijani historical work in which various economic and political issues somehow connected with oil are studied. The second group of works is devoted to hydrocarbons themselves.

Azerbaijani journalists to attend conference in Yerevan

A group of Azerbaijani journalists will make a 2-day visit to Yerevan. According to Media forum, there will be five Azerbaijani journalists: TV journalist Gulu Magerramli, chairman of the ‘Yeni Nesil’ journalist union Arif Aliyev, editor-in-chief of the ‘Euch nogte’ newspaper Khoshgedem Bakhshaliyev, head of the Institute of Media Rights Rashid Gadjilly and member of AzTV Asaf Guliyev.

Georgian parliament discusses selling Russia-Armenian trans-Georgian gas pipeline

Deputies of the Georgian parliament discussed a bill concerning state property in the second reading, involving lifting the limitations on selling the cross-country gas pipeline transporting Russian natural gas to Armenia. A minority of the parliament insists on selling only 49% of the shares, but their proposal was rejected. The current owner of the pipeline is the Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation. The government of Georgia said that they can put a minimum number of shares on the London Stock Exchange in the next 1-2 years.

Oil policy in the Caspian region (Part 1)

Oil policy in the Caspian region (Part 1)

The energy problems of the Azerbaijani Caspian sea sector are addressed in many scientific and analytic works. These studies are for the most part written by political experts, so the problem is examined in the framework of political research of the Caspian states.

US attack on Iran may result in nuclear conflict - Castro

Any US attack on Iran may result in a nuclear war, former Cuban leader Fidel Castro said, RIA Novosti reports.Castro, 83, was speaking on national TV in a new political show "Round Table".Castro said Washington was mistaken if it thought the Iranian people would not resist a US attack.He also pointed out Iran's military potential and its purchase of Chinese and Russian weapons.He also touched upon the North Korean issue, saying direct military conflict in this region may also cause a nuclear war.

Rogozin: USA benefits from Georgia not formal being NATO member

It to the USA's benefit that Georgia is not a formal member of NATO, Russian Permanent Representative to NATO Dmitry Rogozin said in a live broadcast on radiostation "Ekho Moskvy" .

Armenian president opens reconstructed historical building in Yerevan

Armenian president Serzh Sargsyan took part in the opening ceremony of a renovated historic building in central Yerevan, work on which cost around $4 million. The government of the First Republic of Armenia was located in this building in 1918 - 1920.Renovation took almost 4 years, Novosti Armenia reports. The building was gifted by the Armenian government to the well-known US businessman Grair Ovnanyan for charity projects.

Rasim Musabekov: Armenia is impelled to leave the occupied Azerbaijani territories

Rasim Musabekov: «Armenia is impelled to leave the occupied Azerbaijani territories»

The latest events in the South Caucasian region, the visit of US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to the South Caucasian states’ capitals in particular, triggered intense interest among experts. Various issues concerning the state of affairs in the region are widely discussed. One of the most vital questions among these is the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijani servicemen attending NATO drills in Crimea

 The "Sea Breeze 2010" Ukraine-NATO joint drills began today in Crimea, APA reports. Servicemen from Azerbaijan, Greece, Georgia, Denmark, Moldova, Turkey, the US, Germany, Belgium and Poland will attend the exercises as well. The main purpose of the drills is preparation for international operations against sea smuggling. The training will last until July 23.?The "Sea Breeze" exercises are not being held?by decision of Ukraine's Supreme Rada.