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Saakashvili wants to hold back from rapprochement with Russia

 Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili is sceptical of thepossibility of a Russian-Georgian rapprochement, but remainsoptimistic regarding the future, reports Interfax."We have to maintain our path - this is development, economics, and astrengthening of nationhood and democracy - and we have to wait forthe time when modernized Georgia will become a desirable partner formodernized Russia," Saakashvili said on Wednesday.According to Saakashvili, Russia will start modernization quicker than

Azerbaijan signs contract on renting orbit for national satellite

Azerbaijan signs contract on renting orbit for national satellite

The Azerbaijani Ministry of Communications and InformationTechnologies and Malaysian satellite operator MEASAT signed along-term contract in Istanbul today on renting an orbital positionfor the Azerbaijani satellite Azerspace, Trend reports citing theministry.

USA and Armenia discuss nuclear security issues

The head of the US delegation to Armenia, special envoy of the US State Department Michael Stafford, appreciated the participation of Armenia in the program of joint efforts against the trafficking of nuclear and radioactive material, the press-service of the Armenian Foreign Ministry told New Armenia.The US delegation and heads of various Armenian agencies and departments discussed the process of program implementation in Yerevan. The program was signed by Armenia and the USA on 14th July 2008.

Russia supports the dialogue of the ‘Six’ and Iran

Russia calls for a dialogue of the ‘Six’ international mediators(Russia, the USA, China, France, UK and Germany) on the Iraniannuclear program settlement with Tehran, the official spokesman ofRussian Foreign Ministry Andrey Nesterenko said in his commentspublished on the ministry’s website on Tuesday.

Ingush president congratulates school-leavers

Ingush President Yunus-Bek Yevkurov visited a school in Magas onTuesday to congratulate school-leavers, the presidential press servicesaid.He also attended a meeting on the Unified State Examination (USE). Thepresident warned that any official trying to intercede for any studentin the exams would be dismissed.

Anti-terrorist operation held in Turkey

An operation against the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), recognized asterrorist organization by the US and the UN, was held in Turkey'sTunceli province, Trend reports. As a result, nine members of the PKKwere arrested.

Iran cuts oil production

Sanctions and underinvestment have cut Iran's oil production capacity by at least 300,000 barrels per day, depriving the country of billions of dollars of revenues, reports Financial Times.The slow development of new oilfields and the poor condition of many existing wells have caused the fall, according to Iranian and western experts."Oil production capacity has dropped by probably about 300,000-400,000 bpd," said a former senior official in Iran's government. His figures were consistent with those of a western oil official.

Karabakh: Elections without alternative

Karabakh: Elections without alternative

Parliamentary elections in the unrecognized republic of Nagorno-Karabakh have once again attracted the attention of the international observers in the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict area.

Russia confirms territorial integrity of Azerbaijan

Moscow considers that the status of Nagorno-Karabakh can not be determined by means of elections in the region, reports Interfax, citing an official representative of the Foreign Ministry .

Parliementary elections held in unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh

Elections for parliament were held today in the unrecognized republic of Nagorno-Karabakh. They were the fifth in the history of the republic, over 60% took part in the elections. The overall number of voters was 95303.

Obama revises unipolarity: USA stops taking action alone

US president Barack Obama stated that the US cannot act alone in the world arena and must take a complex approach in its foreign policy, BBC reports. Before next week's publication of the national security strategy he stated that US success was obvious when the country was a part of some alliance, as it was during World War II or the Cold War. At the same time, Obama noted that cutting itself off from the world community had not been fruitful for the US.

Obama revises unipolarity: USA stops taking action alone

US president Barack Obama stated that the US cannot act alone in the world arena and must take a complex approach in its foreign policy, BBC reports.Before next week's publication of the national security strategy he stated that US success was obvious when the country was a part of some alliance, as it was during World War II or the Cold War. At the same time, Obama noted that cutting itself off from the world community had not been fruitful for the US.

Matthew Bryza to be American ambassador to Azerbaijan

According to the US media, the White House has confirmed the appointment of ex-co-chair of the OSCE Minsk group, Matthew Bryza, as US ambassador to Azerbaijan, reports with a reference to EurasiaNet.

USA lifts sanctions from Russian organizations accused of helping Iran

The presidential administration of the United States has lifted the sanctions against three Russian organizations, earlier accused of cooperating with the Iranian nuclear weapons project. Sanctions against one ot herorganization, suspected of weapons trade with Syria, have also been lifted, RBK reports quoting Associated Press. But the US state department is making no comment on this. Some experts think that this decision was made to persuade Russia to support the UN Security Council resolution on Iran.

Clinton threatens Iran with isolation

Iran should meet the international community halfway over its nuclearprogram or the country risks falling into international isolation, USsecretary of state Hillary Clinton told a joint press conference withJapanese Foreign Minister Kazuya Okada on Friday.She said Tehran should fulfil its obligations, otherwise it will faceisolation. Clinton also noted that the project of the UN resolutionagainst Iran, announced this week, is an explicit message to theIranian authorities, reports ITAR-TASS.

Washington does not consider Tehran uranium agreement exhaustive

The US welcomes Turkish and Brazilian efforts on the Iranian nuclearprogram, but the agreement on uranium exchange does not eliminate allthreats, the Turkish TV channel TPT reports.The White House said that the Tehran agreement is weaker than earliersimilar agreement with Iran.Brazilian President Lula da Silva said that the agreement demonstratesIran's readiness to negotiate on its nuclear program and urged theworld to follow up.The new sanctions project prepared by the USA will be voted on next month.

Sanctions against Iran will not affect Russian interests

Possible sanctions against Iran "would not affect existingRussian-Iranian economic contacts", the chairman of the Russian upperhouse's committee on international affairs said.The UN SC resolution project for Iran is well-balanced and wasconcerned by Russia, the USA and China, Mikhail Margelov said.

Cherkessians mourn

Cherkessians mourn

Cherkessians living in Adygeya, Karachay-Cherkessia and Kabardino-Balkaria and all over the world celebrate the Memorial Day of Adygeis on May 21st.

Rahim Chahkiev: Did you ever want to hang up your gloves

Rahim Chahkiev: "Did you ever want to hang up your gloves"

Our VK correspondent had a conversation with the Beijing Olympic Champion in boxing, Rahim Chahkiev, who recently arrived in Ingushetia to have some rest between hard matches.- Rahim, recently you won your fifth prize-fight against professional Slovak boxer Slavomir Selitskii, scoring a knockout in the second minute of the first round. Do you know that Ingushetia roots for you?- Thank you. The support of my compatriots is very important to me.

Kazakh oil companies discuss waste utilization issues

Kazakhstan can create its own market to utilize manufacturing waste,the chairman of the Association of Oil Companies KAZENERGY, TimurKulibayev, said in his opening speech at a forum in Atyrau today, theassociation’s press-service told VK.They will find out about the best technologies to utilize waste usedby companies and draw on the experience of small Kazakh companies.This shows that small and medium business is becoming familiar withthe market, Kulibayev said.

Obama tries to convince Turkish premier on Iran sanctions

US President Barack Obama has called Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan to attempt to convince him that sanctions against Iran over its nuclear program are the way forward, Trend reports. The move comes after US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that the US, Russia and China had agreed on a new resolution against the Islamic Republic, despite an apparent last minute deal involving Turkey and Brazil that would see Iran agree to a uranium exchange deal.

Moscow school named after Marshal Bagramyan

A school in south-east Moscow is to be renamed in honor of MarshalHovhannes Bagramyan, reports Panorama.Bagramyan was a Soviet Armenian World War Two military commander andMarshal of the Soviet Union, and twice hero of the USSR.

Interview with editor-of-chief of Vestnik Kavkaz Alexei Vlasov for analytical publication Euro-Asia

Interview with editor-of-chief of Vestnik Kavkaz Alexei Vlasov for analytical publication "Euro-Asia"

Alexei Vlasov, in a recent exclusive interview, the famous American analyst Thomas Ambrosio said that the USA accepted that the South Caucasus is a sphere of influence for Russia. Do you think this statement is correct?

Lavrov confirms Security Council agreement reached on Iran

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov confirmed during a phoneconversation with US State Secretary Hillary Clinton that a generalunderstanding among the so-called Iran Six over a UN Security Councilresolution against Iran has been reached, reports Interfax.He also added that "the next phase of work on the resolution projectwill be continued within the framework of the Security Council" andnon-permanent members will have an opportunity to express their viewson the new resolution on Iran.

Tehran not fulfilling its obligations - Clinton

Iran's refusal to freeze its 20% uranium enrichment program is anobvious violation of its international commitments, US Secretary ofState Hillary Clinton told a Senate Foreign Relations Committeehearing, reports ITAR-TASS.According to Clinton, Iran continues to store enriched uranium,regardless of the international community's concerns.She also said that the US had agreed on a new Security Councilresolution on Iran "with the cooperation of both Russia and China".In an apparent attempt to deter the

Brazil, Turkey to participate in Iran Six talks

Brazil, Turkey to participate in Iran Six talks

Brazil and Turkey are willing to participate in Iran Six (the fivepermanent members of UN Security Council plus Germany) on the Iraniannuclear issue, France Press reported on Tuesday, citing the foreignpolicy advisor to the Brazilian president.On Monday, the foreign ministers of Iran, Brazil and Turkey signed anagreement on the exchange of Tehran's low-enriched (3.5%) uranium forhighly-enriched (to 20%) fuel for Tehran's science research reactor.

USA, Russia and China agree on resolution on Iran

The USA, Russia and China have agreed on a new UN Security Councilresolution on Iran, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said athearings in the U.S. Senate on the ratification of the new STARTtreaty, RIA Novosti reports.Representatives of the Iran Six are still discussing the text of theresolution project on possible additional sanctions against Tehran,developed by the USA. The 'six' failed to agree on the US propositionand the diplomats believe that the resolution approval process maycontinue until June.

Yerevan to host international conference on Caucasus issues

An international conference, "The situation in the Caucasus region,perspectives for regional security", organized by the CIS statesresearch center and its Armenian department, will be hosted by Yerevanon May 25th."The conference will see discussion of the new geo-political situationin the Caucasus region and analysis of the policy of the SouthCaucasus states, Russia, the EU, the US, Iran and Turkey in theregion," - said the director of the CIS Research Center and member ofthe State Duma, Konstantin Zatulin, reports

Georgian President honors Erdogan with "Golden Fleece" award

Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili has awarded Turkish PremierRecep Tayip Erdogan with the "Golden Fleece" medal. The ceremony tookplace in Batumi during the grand opening of a Sheraton hotel, builtwith Turkish investments, Trend reports. "The Turkish Premier has shown diplomatic heroism in the negotiationprocess over the Iranian nuclear program. This issue has worriedleaders of most states, especially those of the Caucasus region.

Ali Khamenei compliments the Brazilian president on his active position

The president of Brazil, Lula da Silva, has met the supreme leader of Iran, Ali Khamenei. Ali Khamenei pointed out that he respects the position of Brazil in international affairs. He said that it is very important now to allow independent states to cooperate against imperialistic countries. He said he appreciated the foreign policy of Brazil, especially in its confrontation with the USA on many questions, including meeting with Iranian authorities.