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Russian and US presidents sign reduction in their nuclear arsenals

Russian and US presidents sign reduction in their nuclear arsenals

Presidents Dmitri Medvedev and Barack Obama have signed a strategic arms reduction treaty during a meeting in Prague. In comparison withthe Moscow Treaty of 2002, the sides agreed to a reduction of a third of total of nuclear weapons (as opposed to the former agreement, whichwas a fixed amount of 1700-2200 for each side). Moreover, Russia and US will reduce the upper limit of strategic delivery weapons.

US and Russian senators will hold meeting to ratify strategic arms reduction treaty

US and Russian senators will hold a meeting to review and ratify thestrategic arms reduction treaty, announced the head of the FederationCouncil's international committee, Mikhail Margelov. "We are planning to hold a meeting of the working committee of the USSenate and the Russian Federation in Washington on April 20, rightafter the nuclear safety summit. On April 21 there will be a jointmeeting of the foreign affairs committees of the US Senate and RussianFederal Counci", said Margelov, reports RIA Novosti.

US airbase flights suspended in Kyrgyzstan

US airbase flights suspended in Kyrgyzstan Flights from a US airbase in Kyrgyzstan, located 30 km. from thecapital, Bishkek, remain suspended due to political unrest inKyrgyzstan, reports AFP. The airbase provided the delivery of fuel and goods for the NATO armedforces in Afghanistan. As earlier reported by VK, the US has not recognized the interimKyrgyz government, and considers Kurmanbek Bakiev to be Kyrgyzpresident.

Obama hails Georgia reforms

US President Barack Obama praised reforms in Georgia during a telephone conversation with his Georgian counterpart Mikheil Saakashvili, reports Georgia Online. "The phone conversation was held in a friendly and cordial atmosphere. President Obama noted that Washington would do everything for Georgia to become a successful country", presidential press secretary Manana Mandjeladze said. Obama also assured Saakashvili that Georgia had the support of both the US and the international community and that no one would be allowed to isolate it.

Mottaki: imposing sanctions on Iran will throw the authority of the Security Council into question

The Foreign Minister of Iran, Manouchehr Mottaki, claimed that imposing new sanctions on Iran is a failed policy of the U.S. and its allies, reports Interfax, citing the Iranian press. "Imposing new sanctions on Iran is to step again into a tunnel the US has entered before and failed," Mottaki said. Mottaki described Obama's nuclear doctrine, which provides for a reduction of nuclear weapons in the U.S. defense strategy, as propaganda. In his opinion, "Israel is the main obstacle to nuclear disarmament in Middle East."

Obama Administration#039s Nuclear Doctrine

Obama Administration's Nuclear Doctrine

The long awaited revised nuclear doctrine is announced in the USA.

New SNF treaty meets interests of Russia

The new SNF agreement does not provide for continuous supervision overproduction of Russian missiles in Votkinsk. This was announced by theKremlin press office, reports ITAR-TASS. "According to the agreement the siting of strategic offensive armsoutwith national territories is prohibited. This, however, does noteffect the rights of the sides with regard to transit of submarines,flights, entry of submarines to ports of a third state, as well asprocedures of interstate cooperation with third countries", pointedout the press service.

Transit resort city

Transit resort city

After the collapse of the Soviet system, Adler was no longer thecentral airport of southern Russia.

Long Live Stalin.

Long Live Stalin.

The events of 1956 gave impetus to the development of feelings, whichstarted the national movement in Georgia.

Georgia to receive financial aid from the USA

Six countries, including Georgia, will receive financial aid from the USA for their participation in the Afghan mission. $50 million will be given to Georgia, Lithuania, Latvia, Croatia, Estonia and Hungary. The money is earmarked for maintenance of divisions in the territory of Afghanistan. Altogether, these six countries have sent 1300 troops to Afghanistan. The purpose of the financial aid is to provide an incentive to the servicemen participating in the mission.

US to tighten control over passengers on international flights

The USA will further tighten control over passengers on all international flights from outside America's borders. "The head of the Department of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, announced today that the transport safety division will introduce new improved measures for all airlines providing international flights to the US. These measures are being taken to strengthen passenger security, in addition to the measures taken after the attempted terrorist act of 25th December 2009", reports RIA-Novosti, citing information from the department.

London, Berlin support sanctions against Iran

Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel and British Prime Minister Gordon Brown favor the imposition of tougher sanctions against Iran in connection with its nuclear program.After talks in London, both leaders said they completely support sanctions and would continue talks with their allies.French President Nicolas Sarkozy also expressed Paris’s desire to see new sanctions against Iran during talks with US President Barack Obama in Washington earlier this week.Obama earlier said he hoped to see tougher sanctions in place “within weeks.”

Obama urged PRC to press Iran for meeting its engagements together

The U.S. President Barack Obama during the conversation with has Chinese counterpart  Hu Jintao  emphasized necessity of  press Iran for meeting its international engagements together. He also hailed  Hu Jintao’s decision  to come to Washington  for the forthcoming nuclear security summit.

China agreed to start discussion on sanctions against Iran in the UN

China agreed to start discussion on sanctions against Iran in the UN, reports ITAR-TASS. "China greed to start  serious negotiations," Susan Elizabeth Rice said . She also noted that the negotiations hadn’t started yet, but are to start in the nearest future.  According to Susan Rice, the USA have already got certain proposals concerning elements of the future sanction  resolution .

Centre for neurovascular surgery opens in Armenia

The first republican centre for neurovascular surgery has opened in Armenia  Serz Sargsyan attended a the  opening ceremony the Yerevan State Medical University,  reports Armenia Today.There were allocated $4,5 million for this centre . It has been fit out with modern medical  equipment, the staff was trained in the USA. The Yerevan State Medical University Diagnostic Center is to receive its first patients April 1.The Centre will start functioning in full from May 1.

Obama wants new sanctions against Iran 'within weeks'

US President Barack Obama hopes that fresh sanctions against Iran over its nuclear program will be introduced in the next few weeks.Obama was speaking at a joint news conference with his French counterpart Nicolas Sarkozy, reports ITAR-TASS."My hope is that we are going to get this done this spring," Obama said, adding that he wanted to see the new sanctions in place "withinweeks.""The time has come to take decisions. Iran cannot continue its mad race," Sarkozy said.

Georgia wants to stop Russia-Abkhazia aviation cooperation

Georgia is to seek international recognition of the "illegal" aviation cooperation between Russia and Abkhazia, reports Interfax."The Georgian Foreign Ministry will take all legal measures to halt the illegal actions of Russia in regards to cooperation with Abkhazia in the sphere of air transport,” the head of the Foreign Ministry’s international relations department said in parliament.

Turkish ambassador returns to Sweden

Turkey has returned its ambassador to Sweden, after recalling him for consultations on March 11th. ITAR-TASS reports that the head of the Turkish diplomatic mission to Sweden stated before his flight to Stockholm that his recall had been a serious protest by Ankara againstthe actions of the Swedish lawmakers.

The Minsk group of the OSCE is satisfied with its meetings on Karabakh

Representatives of the Minsk group of the OSCE on the resolution of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, speaking of the results of meetings with the foreign ministers of Azerbaijan and Armenia, noted with satisfaction the commitment of the sides …

Memory of Common Victory

Memory of Common Victory

Speech of the VC editor-in-chief at the Memory of Common Victory conference in Astana

Bombs in Moscow metro were set off by female suicide bombers

The Federal and City authorities stated that the bombs which exploded on the Moscow metro during the Monday morning rush hour were set off by two female suicide bombers. The first bomb went off in the second carriage of the train at Lubyanka station at 07:56 hours, and 45 minutes later a bomb ripped through the third carriage of a train at Park Kultury station. It was confirmed that the total number killed in the blasts and the ensuing events was 37, with 65 reported hospitalised.

USA to deploy contingent in Georgia

  USA announced their intention to deploy a military contingent in Georgia.  Spokesmen of the Pentagon said it today in the course of their official to the U.S.Congress, RBC reports. There measures are necessary for “ensuring stability” during the joint preparations with Washington to  hostilities in Afghanistan.

START to be signed April 8

Barack Obama and Dmitry Medvedev arranded for signing a new START treaty  on April 8 in Prague, according to the White House communication, received by RIA Novosti."During the phone conversation Obama and Medvedev arranged  to  Prague(the Czech Republic), on April 8 in order to sign the treaty between Russia and the USA concerning the measures aimed at strategic arms reduction”- the White House reports.

Circassian question has been put in Tbilisi

Circassian question has been put in Tbilisi

It remains unclear who may and should be considered a compatriot

 Circassian question put in Tbilisi

Circassian question put in Tbilisi

      Georgian and American scholars press for the recognition of genocide of Adygs

Nalchik honoured for World War Two role

Nalchik honoured for World War Two role

Five more Russian cities have been honoured for their part in theSoviet Union’s victory over Nazi Germany in World War Two, RussianPresident Dmitry Medvedev said on Friday.Medvedev was speaking at a meeting of the organizing committee forcelebrations for the 65th anniversary of the capitulation of Naziforces.The new “cities of military glory” are Nalchik, Vyborg, Volokolamsk,Bryansk, and the Volgograd Region town of Kalach-Na-Donu.

Paris takes active role in Nagorno-Karabakh

Paris takes active role in Nagorno-Karabakh

The beginning of 2010 was marked by the growing interest of the European Union in the Nagorno-Karabakh peace process.

Say a word for a pure textbook – 2

Say a word for a pure textbook – 2

The idea of creating a common history textbook is a beautiful utopia

Historical myths in the post-Soviet space and real politics.

Historical myths in the post-Soviet space and real politics.

Report by Aleksey Vlasov at the conference of the same name.

Russia and US promote talks on Iran issue and START treaty

Russia and US promote talks on Iran issue and START treaty

Russia believes there still remains a possibility of resolving Iranian nuclear program by political and diplomatic means, RIA Novosti reports with reference to the statement, made by Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov during a joint press conference following talks with U.S. Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton.