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Roskomnadzor: Russia may respond to US

The head of the Mass Communication Control and Supervision Department at Russian communications watchdog Roskomnadzor Tatiana Deniskina has commented on the possible ban on Russian state media content in the US, saying …

Destroyed US-Russia ties may threaten global peace

German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel in an interview published Sunday told media outlet Bild am Sonntag what perils he sees for the modern world amid strained situation around North Korea's launches and the US attempts to …

Police negotiating with shooting suspect at Big Bear

Police are currently negotiating with the shooting suspect at Big Bear. Police say there are no hostages inside the building, Kurl 8 reports. An active shooter situation is underway at Big Bear Sports Center in Billings. Captain Kevin …

Iran produces Trump Telegram Game

An Iranian company unveiled a telegram game about US President Donald Trump on Saturday on the occasion of the national Student Day which marks the 1979 takeover of the US embassy in Tehran, Fars News Agency reports. The Telegram game, …