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Azerbaijan to help in putting out Russian fires

Azerbaijan to help in putting out Russian fires

Two Ukrainian An-32 planes and two helicopters from Azerbaijan will be used to put out fires in Russia.

Into Europe instead of Russia or with Russia?

Into Europe instead of Russia or with Russia?

The first East European Youth Forum is to take place in Moscow in spring 2011. Vestnik Kavkaza is an information sponsor of the project.

Armenia increases production of cognac

The production of cognac in Armenia in January-June of 2010 constituted over 4 million liters, which is 45.9% more than the first six months of 2009, reports.Russia and Ukraine are the main markets for Armenian cognac. In 2009, due to the economic crisis, production of Armenian cognac decreased by 38.4%, constituting just under 10 million litres.

Armenian prices grow fast

Armenia has the second highest growth in prices for consumer goods in January-June 2010 among former Soviet republics. The prices have risen by 4.5% since last year in Armenia, reports. The first place belongs to Moldova, where the prices rose by 5.4%. Next are Kazakhstan and Russia (4.4% each), then Belarus and Kyrgyzstan (4.1% each).

European investors purchase Georgian Railways Eurobonds

Investors from European countries have purchased 87.2% of an issue Eurobonds worth $250 million placed by Georgian Railways on the international financial market in mid July 2010, Georgia Online reports. According to the Georgian government, 40.4% of the release was purchased by investors from UK, 20.9% - Switzerland, 25.9% - by other European countries, 6.5% - by Georgia, 6.1% - by off-shores, 0.2% - by Asian countries.

Georgian unarmed combat team to participate in Russian president's cup

Unarmed combat teams from Bulgaria, Belarus, Venezuela, Greece, Georgia, Korea, and Ukraine will arrive in Moscow on July 30 to take part in the president's cup. The main rival of the Russian team in the competition is considered to be Georgia. Due to the lack of diplomatic relations between the states there were concerns that Georgian team wouldn't take part in the tournament, but the Georgian unarmed combat federation has already confirmed its participation.

Ukraine complains about Armenia to WTO

Ukraine has preferd a request for consultations with Armenia to WTO Dispute Settlement Body. According to the Ukrainian side, Armenia uses the flat-sum tax on Ukrainian tobacco products, reports Interfax-Ukraine.

International Music Festival finishes in Sochi

The 11th International Music Festival finishes today in Sochi with the final program of "The Music Collection", reports.According to the press-service of the Culture Department, laureates of international music contests Nadyezhda Jurijchuk (Ukraine) and Luka Gadelia (Abkhazia) are taking part in the final concert.

Tbilisi, Minsk get on track

Tbilisi, Minsk get on track

Georgian authorities consider the customs union, recently established by Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, may become a transport corridor for Georgian wines to Russia, imports of which were banned in 2006.

Armenia is industrial growth leader in Caucasia

According to the results of the last 5 months of this year, Armenia is in 4th place in industrial growth among CIS countries. Armenian industrial growth is 12.1% compared to the same period last year, reports. The leader among CIS countries is Kyrgyzstan, with a growth rate of 56.8%. The Intergovernmental Statistical Committee of the CIS clarified that such indicators are due to the gold mines of ‘Kumtor’ working at full capacity.

Youth as it is (Part 1)

Youth as it is (Part 1)

What is common in young people of the post-Soviet countries and what sets them apart

First Azerbaijani satellite to be launched

Ukraine will help Azerbaijan by launching its first space satellite, AzerSat, cites to Ukrainian Foreign Minister Constantine Grishenko, Ukraine is offering its rocket carrier for the launch. Azerbaijani experts said that the project is worth $204 million. The satellite will improve the power of Azerbaijani communication channels and TV-signals. Moreover, Azerbaijan plans to use the satellite to broadcast Asian channels in Europe.

EU to finance education projects in Eastern Europe

The EU will allocate 30.4 million euros in order to support projects in the sphere of higher education in Eastern European and Mediterranean states, including Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Moldavia, Business Georgia reports.The funds allocated under this program will be spent on infrastructure modernization and supporting cooperation with EU universities.

Ingush judo-players at the European youth competition

Ingush judo-players at the European youth competition

Three Ingush judoists represented Russia.

Azerbaijani president to visit Ukraine

The president of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliev, will pay an official visit to Ukraine. The agenda of the forthcoming visit has been discussed at a foreign ministers' meeting in Baku. The exact date of the visit will be announced later, the Ukrainian foreign minister said, Turan reports.

Eight CIS states agree on duty free trading

Eight CIS states agree on duty free trading

Eight CIS countries have reached an agreement on duty free trade, reports The eight countries involved are Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia,Tajikistan and Ukraine.

Kazakhstan approves Ukraine's request for OSCE chairmanship in 2013

Kazakhstan, the current chair of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) in 2010, has approved Ukraine's request for OSCE chairmanship in 2013, claimed Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan Kanat Saudabaev during the meeting with his Ukrainian counterpart, Konstantin Grishchenko, on Friday in Astana, reports RIA Novosti.An informal meeting of foreign ministers of OSCE member countries is currently taking place in Kazakhstan.

Ukraine to optimize trade relations with Georgia

Georgia and Ukraine should activize trade and economic ties, News Georgia reports, citing the vice-premier of Ukraine Sergey Tigipko, who is on a visit to Tbilisi. Tigipko will meet Premier Nika Gilauri, Finance Minister Kakho Baindurashvili and president of the National Bank Georgiy Kadagidze. On Saturday, the Ukrainian delegation will visit the Black Sea ports of Georgia — Batumi and Poti. Tigipko expressed interest in the reform of the systems of regulation, the Interior Ministry, and tax service.

Bernard Kouchner urges Georgia to start negotiations with Russia

French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner said after his recent visit to Georgia that the world today uses dialogue to solve problems, not confrontation. He pointed out that Ukraine and Poland had begun a dialogue with Russia. The minister noted that France and the EU have been expecting a proposal from Georgia to start a similar dialogue, reports.

Ukrainian deputy premier to visit Tbilisi

The Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, Sergey Tigipko, will arrive in Tbilisi on a two-day visit, a source at the State Chancellery of Georgia told Trend.

Georgia and U.S discuss detailed military cooperation plan

Georgian-U.S cooperation in the sphere of defense and security has been discussed at a meeting between the Georgian Minister of Defence Bacho Akhalaia and the U.S Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Ukraine, Russia and Eurasia Celeste Wallander, Trend reports.The sides discussed reforms of the Georgian armed forces within the charter of the strategic cooperation with the U.S. They also touched upon the issue of Georgia's participation in international operations and training for the operations of the Georgian military.

France wants to have ties with both Georgia and Russia

France wants to see Abkhazia and South Ossetia returned to Georgia and at the same time it wants to keep good relations with Russia, French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner said at a press-conference after meeting Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili, News Georgia reports.

Azerbaijan and Turkey sign agreement on regulating securities market

The state committee for securities of Azerbaijan signed a memorandum with the Turkish council Capital Markets Board (SPK). They will exchange information and cooperate in technology, Trend reports, citing the state committee. The document was signed on July 13 by the head of the SPK, Vedat Akgiray, and the head of the Azerbaijani state committee, Rufat Aslandy.

New OSCE PA president elected

New OSCE PA president elected

At the end of the nineteenth annual session of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly, Petros Efthymiou was elected to the post of president. The sixty year-old Greek previously held the post of deputy president of the Assembly.

Azerbaijani servicemen attending NATO drills in Crimea

 The "Sea Breeze 2010" Ukraine-NATO joint drills began today in Crimea, APA reports. Servicemen from Azerbaijan, Greece, Georgia, Denmark, Moldova, Turkey, the US, Germany, Belgium and Poland will attend the exercises as well. The main purpose of the drills is preparation for international operations against sea smuggling. The training will last until July 23.?The "Sea Breeze" exercises are not being held?by decision of Ukraine's Supreme Rada.

CIS leaders celebrate Yanukovych’s birthday

CIS leaders celebrate Yanukovych’s birthday

The Presidents of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Khazahstan have held an unofficial meeting on the Ukrainian side’s initiative in the Lividia Palace near Yalta, the summer retreat of the last Russian tsar, Nicolas II. Informal summits with no specific agenda are traditional for the Commonwealth. The first meeting of this kind took place on the 8th August 2000, also in Yalta.

CIS leaders to cooperate in Euro 2012 and Olympics 2014 preparations

The presidents of 6 CIS countries voted for cooperation in the construction and modernization fields in the framework of the preparations for Euro 2012, due to take place in Ukraine, and the 2014 Olympics in Sochi,

CIS leaders to continue work on the new free trade zone treaty

During the informal summit in Yalta the CIS leaders decided to continue work on the new free trade zone treaty and to discuss this subject at their next official conference,

Medvedev congratulates Yanukovich on the CIS informal summit

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev congratulated his Ukrainian counterpart Viktor Yanukovich on his 60th birthday, during the informal CIS summit, which opened today in the famous Livadia Palace in Yalta. 

Tour firm bankruptcy strands 35 Russian tourists in Turkey

35 Russian tourists, travelling from Ukraine to Turkey on vacation, have suffered as a result of the bankruptcy of the Ukrainian tour operator "Karya Tour", Russian Consul General in Antalia ,Mirdzhalol Husanov, told RIA-NOVOSTI. «Those affected are mostly tourists travelling from Ukraine. Of course there are Russians among them who bought their tickets in Ukraine, who may well be domiciled in Ukraine», Husanov said. Altogether, there are about one thousand "Karya Tour" customers from Ukraine, 35 of whom are Russian citizens.