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Turkey, Ukraine and Russia building military alliance

Turkey, Russia and Ukraine are establishing an alliance of the BlackSea defense agreement, ‘Nasha Versiya’ reports. The head of theTurkish Armed Forces HQ, Army General Ilker Bashbug, will visit Moscowin July to agree on the points of the agreement. The signing of thetrilateral agreement is planned for August.

The portal Vestnik Kavkaza was presented at the International Summer School of RIA Novosti

The portal Vestnik Kavkaza was presented at the International Summer School of RIA Novosti

Over the course of a week, students from various CIS countries were incommon cyberspace.

Number of migrants grows in Chechnya

1726 foreigners have been registered in Chechnya during the five months of this year, while in the whole of 2009 there were only 2024. 70% of them come from Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, the rest are from China, Vietnam, Slovenia, reports.

Naval transport links Novorossiisk and Yalta

Rapid naval passenger sailings have begun on the route between Novorossiisk (Krasnodarskii region, Russia) and Yalta (Crimea, Ukraine), reports, citing the transportation department's press-office.It is planned that the Black Sea rapid transportation company will carry out weekly tourist voyages using modern high-speed ships. The trip will take only 5 hours.

Capture of Umarov is a matter of time – Kadyrov

There are approximately 50 bandits in Chechnya said Chechen PresidentAhmad Kadyrov, RIA Novosti reports.15 militants were killed in a special operation at the end of May insouthern Chechnya. In May, Kadyrov demanded that the authoritiesestimate the exact numbers of militants hiding in the republic. Thedata ranges from 198 to over 400 people. Kadyrov noted that many ofthose hiding in the mountains have moved to Europe.

Ukraine strives for Caspian gas

Ukraine strives for Caspian gas

Favourable conditions for Azerbaijani economic expansion into Ukraine

Yanukovich proposes Russia, Kazakhstan joint uranium production

Ukraine is ready for close cooperation with Kazakhstan and Russia in sphere of uranium production, Ukrainian president Yanukovich said. According to the newspaper Kiev already has started negotiations on this issue.“Kazakhstan holds share in Russian nuclear extraction plant in Angarsk, we are ready to join this project, as this is the main supplier of uranium to the Ukraine,” he said.Yanukovich also added that there plans to build a uranium production plant in Ukraine in cooperation with Kazakhstan and Russia.

Ukraine to buy Azerbaijani gas

According to the energy and fuel minister of Ukraine Yuriy Boyko, Kiev has held negotiations with its Azerbaijani partners, who are building a dry gas terminal in Georgia together with Romania and Bulgaria, RBK

Oil and gas potential of the Caspian and Black Seas to be studied

A delegation from the Institute of Geology of the Azerbaijani Academy Shevchenko University of Kiev and the Scientific Technological Center in Ukraine, reports.The sides have developed some common projects and are going to apply for grants from the EU. One of the projects is a project studying the oil and gas resources of the Caspian and Black Seas.

Ukrainian car plant to provide Sochi Olympics with buses

The Lvov car plant in Ukraine will produce buses for the Sochi WinterOlympics-2014, a company representative said, RIA-Novosti Ukrainereports.It is expected that the plant will produce more than 2000 busesequipped with a modernized payment system for the Olympic city.

Ukraine wants to boost trade ties with Georgia

Ukraine is ready for future cooperation with Georgia in order toimprove trade-economic relations, Ukrainian President ViktorYanukovych said at a meeting with the Georgian Foreign MinisterGrigola Vashadze, ITAR-TASS.Yanukovych said the current state of relations lags far behind itspotential, adding that the two states should draw up a plan to boosttrade-economic relations.Several intergovernmental agreements were signed during the visit ofthe Georgian foreign minister to Kiev.

Gazprom discusses terms for GDF Suez, EdF to join pipeline projects

The head of Gazprom, Alexey Miller, discussed the terms for Frenchcompanies GDF Suez and EdF to take part in the 'Nord Stream' and'South Stream' projects, RIA Novosti reports, citing a statement bythe Russian energy giant.

Head of ‘Sarmatiya’ resigns

The head of the internationalcompany ‘Sarmatiya’, MarchinYastshembski, has handed in his resignation, Trend reports, citingSergey Skripka.He said that Yastshembski will resign as of June 14th this year,without clarifying the reasons.

Georgia owes over $3 billion to creditors

The total Georgian external debt for state credit guarantees as of May 31st this year reached $3.448 billion, Rosbalt reports, citing the Georgian Ministry of Finance.

Ukraine activates relations with Turkey

Ukraineand Turkey will establish an intergovernmental bilateral strategic council, Ukrainian President Victor Yanukovich said regarding the results of his meeting with Turkish Premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Istanbul, RIA Novosti reports.Yanukovich noted that the council will be headed by the Turkish premier and the Ukrainian president.

Putin arrives in Istanbul for "confidence-building" forum

Putin arrives in Istanbul for "confidence-building" forumRussian Premier Vladimir Putin has arrived in Istanbul to take part ina session of the third summit of the Conference on Interaction andConfidence-building Measures in Asia (CICA). As reports ITAR-TASS,Putin will make a speech at the morning session. A number of bilateralmeetings are also scheduled for the visit.It is expected that Putin will hold meetings with Turkish PremierRecep Erdogan and President Abdullah Gul, Azerbaijani President Ilham

Putin to meet Aliyev in Istanbul

Vladimir Putin, the Russian premier, is to meet with the the presidents of Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan and the premier of Ukraine, RIA Novosti cites Dmitri Peskov, Putin's press secretary. He says that some bilateral meetings will take place. The visit will start with a meeting with Turkish prime minister Erdogan. 

Istanbul awaits CICA summit

Istanbul awaits CICA summit

Within the CICA summit's framework will be held several important international meetings.

Azerbaijani president to pay working visit to Turkey

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliev arrived in Turkey on Monday, reportsANS-Press.

"Kinotavr" film festival opening in Sochi

The 21st open film festival "Kinotavr" is opening in Sochi, RIA Novosti reports. Vladimir Putin, the prime minister of the Russian Federation, has sent an official greeting to its participants.

Ukraine will not recognize idependence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia

President of Ukraine Victor Yanukovich declared that Ukraine willnever recognize the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia.According to ITAR-TASS, the president noted that, based oninternational laws and norms, any violations of a country’s unity areforbidden.

New owner for Georgian television company Imedi

The television company Imedi is being purchased by a Ukrainian PRcompany. According to Trend, the Ukrainian company is activelycooperating with the new government of Ukraine and is negotiating withthe Georgian side.The head of the information service of the Ukrainian channel '1+1'Oksana Zinoviyeva may become the director-general of Imedi.Imedi became popular under late billionaire Badri Patarkatsishviliwhen it was in opposition to the current authorities.

Azerbaijani students studying abroad will get new scholarships

The Azerbaijani government has determined the size of scholarships forAzerbaijani students studying in higher education centers in Turkey,Egypt, Russia and Ukraine, Trend reports.According to bilateral agreements, Azerbaijani students studying inEgypt and Turkey will receive grants from $100 to $200 Those studyingin Russia and Ukraine will get grants from $150 to $300.

History: modernization through integration

History: modernization through integration

"Our task is not to seek out enemies or to forget what happened, but to find out the real history, describe it and remember it, to make our children know it", Nursultan Nazarbayev noted, addressing historians and descendants of victims of political repression participating in the international project "Remembrance for the Future". The Day of Victims of Political Repressions will see forums and meetings taking place in the Kazakh capital.

Shevarnadze: Yanukovich was brought up by Georgians

"Whatever happens and whoever the presidents may be, relations between Ukraine and Georgia will be good" - 82 year-old ex-president of Georgia Eduard Shevarnadze said in an interview to the "Izvestiya v Ukraine" newspaper.

Armenia will continue to rely on foreign support in 2010 - UN

The world GDP after reducing by 2% in 2009 will rise by 3% this yearand by 3.1% in 2011. According to the new UN report on the worldeconomic state and prospects for 2010, the revival of the worldeconomy will be unstable and rapid and will not lead to the recoveryof the employment market.The head of UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Robert Vos,noted that current forecasts on the world economic development arebetter than six months ago. However, the unemployment level is stillrising around the world.

Ukraine to develop relations with Iran

Iranian ambassador to Kiev Akbar Kasemi delivered credential letters toUkrainian President Victor Yanukovich in the presence of UkrainianForeign Minister Constantine Grishenko.Yanukovich expressed his desire to Kasemi to develop relations andcooperation between the two countries, Interfax-Ukraine reports.Yanukovich noted that Iran is one of Ukraine’s leading partners in thesphere of commerce in the region.

EU membership for Ukraine, Georgia 'science fiction' - EU mission in Russia

The chances of Georgia and Ukraine joining the European Union are so remote as to be akin to "science fiction," the head of the EU mission in Russia said in an interview with Russia's Nezavisimaya paper published today.

Putin calls for Customs Union expansion

Russian Premier Vladimir Putin has urged an expansion of the CustomsUnion by allowing other members of EurAsEC (Eurasian EconomicCommunity) to join. He made the declaration in St. Petersburg onFriday, RIA Novosti reports.The Customs Union consists of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan are also members of EurAsEC. Armenia,Moldavia and Ukraine are observer countries.

Kazakh doubts the expediency of building Georgian grain port

The expensive supply of Kazakh grain to Georgia by rail is creatingdoubts about the construction of a grain terminal in one of thecountry’s ports, managing director on external economic activities ofProdkorporatsiya, Daulet Uvashov, told VK.He said that the expense of exporting grain through Georgia comes fromhigh railroad tariffs in Russia, Azerbaijan and Georgia itself.