Alexander Markarov

What does 2017 bring for Armenia?

Parliamentary elections, signing of an agreement with the EU and significant drop in the standard of living are among the most memorable things for Armenia in 2017, politicians and experts said in an interview with Vestnik Kavkaza, summing …

Deadlock of the Georgian Military Road: View from Armenia

Not wishing to fundamentally resolve the problem of transport links with Russia through the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict settlement and opening the borders with Azerbaijan, today Armenia is looking for ways to bypass the Georgian Military Road, …

Armenia changes game's rules one year before elections

At today's meeting of the third and final reading the National Assembly (Parliament) of Armenia adopted the new Electoral Code of the country. According to the results of the voting, 102 deputies voted positively, 17 deputies were against and …

Population of Armenia falls below 3 million people

The population of Armenia has fallen below 3 million people for the first time during 40 years. According to the National Statistical Service, based on the 2011 census, 2,998,600 people live in the country as of January 1st, 2016. …

Is EU starting new game with Armenia?

In recent days the EU Council has decided to give the European Commission and the High Representative for Foreign Affairs Federico Mogherini all the powers necessary for conducting …

Who needs new constitution in Armenia?

According to the draft of Armenia's new Constitution, the Republic to be parliamentary with the loss of most of the powers by the president, according to the first seven chapters of Armenia's amended Constitution. The main …