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Armenian UAV destroyed by Azerbaijani army

The Azerbaijani Armed Forces destroyed an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) belonging to Armenia’s Armed Forces on June 21 evening, Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry said. The ministry noted that UAV attempted to carry out …

Armenian sabotage group member captured in Karabakh

A reconnaissance and sabotage group of the Armenian Armed Forces attempted to cross the line of defense of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces on the contact line between the two countries’ troops on June 20 evening, the Azerbaijani Defense …

 Azerbaijan’s Lachin district: 25 years of occupation

Twenty-five years have passed since the occupation of Azerbaijan’s Lachin district by Armenia. As many as 64,000 Azerbaijanis became the internally displaced persons, more than 300 servicemen and civilians were killed or missing …

Armenian soldier accidentally shot at military outpost

Armenian Junior Sergeant Gagik Mesropyan had sustained a gunshot wound at around 8:40 am at the outpost of a military unit and died en route to military hospital, the press service of the Investigative Committee of Armenia …

Three Armenian soldiers drown near Madagiz

Three Armenian servicemen Ruben Barseghyan (born in 1998), Rafayel Bisharyan (born in 1997) and Ruben Mnatsakanyan (born in 1998) drowned in a reservoir nearby the military units as a result of a traffic accident near the village of Madagiz, …

Azerbaijani army strikes Armenian strongpoint

Azerbaijani Defense Ministry announced today that Azerbaijani army delivered an artillery strike on the strongpoint of the armed forces of Armenia. As a result of an artillery strike, Armenia has lost up to 5 servicemen, Trend …

Azerbaijan destroys Armenia's sabotage group

Azerbaijani Armed Forces have destroyed a sabotage group of the Armenian Armed Forces, the press service of the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry said. According to the ministry, on the night of March 2, a sabotage and reconnaissance group …