Armenian nuclear power plant

NPP reactor closed for repair in Armenia

The reactor of the Armenian NPP will be stopped today for repairs. According to the standard annual repair campaign program, today the reactor will be shut down. Turbine unit No. 3 will be also shut down for partial modernization, RİA …

European verdict for Armenian NPP

An energy crisis may break out in Armenia in the near future: the European Union demanded to close the Metsamor Nuclear Power Plant in Armenia in exchange for cooperation.

First unit of Armenian NPP can be completely removed

Armenia's government will decide the fate of the draft law 'On decommissioning of the first power unit of the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant' tomorrow. Due to the fact tat the power unit of the NPP has been in the cold …

Armenia's external debt exceeds $ 4 billion

Armenia’s foreign liabilities to international financial organizations and creditors crossed the $4-billion mark for the first time, reports. The Armenian government already signed several loan agreements, …

Russia plans to participate in Armenian NPP construction

Russia is ready to participate in construction of the new power unit of the Armenian nuclear power plant. "Along with assisting in ensuring the safe operation of the Armenian nuclear power plant, the Russian side is studying the …