Milli Majlis deputy in Jerusalem

The meeting of the Knesset Immigration and Absorption Committee, dedicated to the achievements of Azerbaijani immigrants to Israel, will be held today.

Jewish Novruz

For the first time the holiday was celebrated in Israel only 10 years ago

Israeli Radio about activities of 'AzIz'

There was a one-hour program on the Israeli public radio, dedicated to the activities of the International Association Israel-Azerbaijan 'Aziz'. The 'Meet the community' program, which has introduced its …

7+7 Wonders of Azerbaijan

Israel has launched a project that introduces the history, architecture, natural resources and humanitarian values ​​of Azerbaijan

Dedication to Shimon Peres

Tonight the former president of Israel and a Nobel Peace Prize laureate Shimon Peres passed away. World leaders, including the Russian President Vladimir Putin, the US President Barack Obama and the UN Secretary General Ban …

While Azerbaijan celebrates Nowruz, Israel celebrates Purim

As you know, Jewish holidays fall on different dates of the European calendar every year. Azerbaijani people living in Israel now have double holiday this year: the bright holiday of Nowruz has practically coincided with the most cheerful …